Law of Julianos is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It is one of the Crafted Sets, part of One Tamriel, and has 4 bonuses.

Any Item - Any Craftable

Bind on Equip 

Law of Julianos


(2 items) Adds 657 Spell Critical
(3 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
(4 items) Adds 657 Spell Critical
(5 items) Adds 299 Spell Damage.




Law of Julianos Set Information

  • Type of Set: Any
  • Required Traits Researched: 6 Traits
  • Required Content: One Tamriel
  • Recommend For: Mag DPS
  • Value: High



How to Get Law of Julianos Set



Builds that use Law of Julianos Skill



Law of Julianos Set Notes & Tips


  • An all around solid Mag DPS set.
  • Values listed are at Legendary Champion 160
  • The Summerset Chapter is required to craft Jewelry for this Set.



Maps of Where to Craft




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    • Anonymous

      22 Jul 2020 22:22  

      The in-game tool-tip on the live server (NA) says 300 spell damage on the 5th piece at gold level. It used to say 299 but now is 300. Can anyone else confirm?

      • Anonymous

        01 Mar 2020 23:09  

        I would like help with my build. I was kinda going for a healer/ Dps build. I would much rather push more dps than the heals however.. I mainly just do dungeons , I am a breton sorcerer. Not quite at end game im at about 90cp just now. I dont quite know what abilities I should run and im lacking alot of damage and im still kinda new at the game im currently on Xbox One. Can someone help me out ?? At the moment im struggling to even get 1500 damage. At the moment I know my spell damage is at 1100k and my critical is 34% with destruction staff.. and obviously im running a Resto staff for bar 2.. it's abit embarrassing when a level 30 is pushing harder than what you are.

        • Anonymous

          13 Nov 2018 05:46  

          A very good set for 4 people content, when you want to build a healer that helps with DPS. It's not bad for a magicka DPS too that don't want to lose any power for their class heals. You can't really go wrong with it.

          • Anonymous

            20 Aug 2018 23:41  

            Willing to pay for set of light with divines. Rare would work but prefer legendary. NA server Xbox. Gamertag xxKilamaanxx

            • Anonymous

              11 Aug 2018 04:14  

              I need a light set of legs crafted, epic or legendary with divines. Max Magicka if possible. I’m Xbox NA server willing to pay. GT: doublecupchaos

              • Anonymous

                23 Mar 2018 01:29  

                Looking for this set in light armor divines with Max magicka glyphs on Xbox 1 north America. I've got mats and gold, pm me -Oldeo if you can make it, thanks!

                • Anonymous

                  18 Mar 2018 11:54  

                  anyone can craft 5 piece Light divines on xbox one? got no materials but will pay in gold/got some usefull crafting rare. msg me Wersjano

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Dec 2017 15:42  

                    I would like full set of light armor divines, i have all the materialen needed. I have some in game money but no idea what i should expect to pay. Pm me on psn PrivateAirhead, europe server

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Nov 2017 11:43  

                      can craft this set lower than market prices. light,medium and heavy armor. all staffs and one handed weapons.

                      pc/mac eu server gt : jason richardson

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Nov 2017 08:44  

                        I can craft thise set for you on PC/Mac EU server, friends! All i need is Ancient Silk for all pieces & 20k gold for my work! (its for white quality items). chat me, or send mail in game. My UserID is @Dr.Morra. =)

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