All ESO Sets presented in alphabetical order, with links to how to find them. Users on desktop can mouse over the sets to preview. All sets are categorized for easy distinction by the following markers, if no L/M/H markers are present, the set can come in any type.

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All ESO Sets Alphabetical Order


Aegis of Galanwe H summerset-set

Adept Rider crafted-setssummerset-set
(3 traits)

Affliction H

Agility weapon-set

Akaviri Dragonguard H

Alessia's Bulwark crafted-sets
(5 traits)

Alessian Order H

Almalexia's Mercy L

Amber Plasm L shadows-of-the-hist-set 

Ancient Dragonguard Set dragonhold-dlc-icon-eso-wiki-guide

Arch-Mage L

Archer's Mind M

Armor Master crafted-sets imperial-city-sets
(9 Traits)

Armor of the Seducer crafted-sets
(3 traits)

Armor of the Trainee

Armor of the Veiled Heritance H

Armor of Truth H

Arms of Relequen M summerset-set

Ashen Grip crafted-sets
(2 traits)

Aspect of Mazzatun H shadows-of-the-hist-set

Assassin's Guile morrowind-set
(3 traits)

Auroran’s Thunder L wrathstone-dlc-icon

Automated Defense morrowind-set

Azureblight Reaper M scalebreaker-dlc-icon

Bahraha's Curse thieves-guild-set

Balorgh Wolfhunter DLC ESO monster-set

Barkskin M

Bastion of the Heartland H

Battalion Defender H murkmire-sets

Battlefield Acrobat M murkmire-set

Beckoning Steel H

Beekeeper's Gear H

Berserking Warrior H

Black Rose H imperial-city-sets

Blessing of the Potentates weapon-set

Blooddrinker M horns-reach-set

Blood Moon M Wolfhunter Set ESO

Blood Spawn monster-set

Bloodthorn's Touch L

Bone Pirate's Tatters M

Brands of Imperium H imperial-city-sets

Briarheart M orsinium-set

Bright-Throat’s Boast L murkmire-set

Buffer of the Swift L

Burning Spellweave L

Call of the Undertaker M elsweyr-dlc-icon

Caluurion's Legacy L dragon-bones-sets

Champion of the Hist H murkmire-sets

Chokethorn monster-set

Claw of Yolnakhriin H elsweyr-dlc-icon

Clever Alchemist crafted-sets thieves-guild-set
(7 Traits)

Coldharbour's+Favorite+Set crafted-sets elsweyr-dlc-icon
(5 traits)

Combat Physician L

Coward's Gear morrowind-set

Crafty Alfiq L elsweyr-dlc-icon

Crest of Cyrodiil H

Crusader M

Curse Eater L

Curse of Doylemish H dragon-bones-sets

Daedric Trickery crafted-sets morrowind-set
(8 traits)

Darkstride M

Daring Corsair Set dragonhold-dlc-icon-eso-wiki-guide

Dead-Water’s Guile M murkmire-sets

Deadly Strikes weapon-set

Death's Wind crafted-sets
(2 traits)

Defending Warrior H

Desert Rose L

Destructive Mage L

Domihaus monster-set horns-reach-set

Dragon's Defilement H  scalebreaker-dlc-icon 

Dragonguard Elite Set dragonhold-dlc-icon-eso-wiki-guide

Draugr Hulk M

Draugr's Heritage H

Draugr's Rest L horns-reach-set

Dreamer's Mantle L

Dreugh King Slayer H

Dro'Zakar's Claw M  scalebreaker-dlc-icon

Duneripper's Scales H

Durok's Bane H

Eagle Eye weapon-set

Earthgore monster-set horns-reach-set

Ebon Armory H

Elemental Succession Lorsinium-set

Elf Bane H

Embershield H

Endurance weapon-set

Engine Guardian monster-set

Essence Thief Mimperial-city-sets

Eternal Hunt crafted-sets thieves-guild-set
(9 Traits)

Eternal Warrior H

Eye of Nahviintaas L elsweyr-dlc-icon

Eyes of Mara crafted-sets
(8 traits)

False God’s Devotion L elsweyr-dlc-icon

Fasalla's Guile H

Fiord's Legacy M

Flanking Strategist M dark-brotherhood-set

Flame Blossom L horns-reach-set

Footman's Fortune H

Fortified Brass crafted-sets clockwork-city-set
(4 traits)

Frozen Watcher H wrathstone-dlc-icon

Galerion's Revenge imperial-city-sets

Glorious Defender H orsinium-set

Gossamer L shadows-of-the-hist-set

Grace of Gloom H summerset-set

Grace of the Ancients weapon-set

Grave-Stake Collector crafted-sets murkmire-set
(7 traits)

Green Pact H

Grothdarr monster-set

Grundwulf  elsweyr-dlc-icon

Gryphon's Ferocity M summerset-set


Hagraven's Garden H horns-reach-set

Hand of Mephala H shadows-of-the-hist-set

Hanu's Compassion L Wolfhunter Set ESO

Hatchling's Shell H

Hawk's Eye M

Haven of Ursus H Wolfhunter Set ESO

Healer's Habit L

Healing Mage L

Heem-Jas' Retribution M shadows-of-the-hist-set

Hollowfang Thirst L scalebreaker-dlc-icon

Hide of Morihaus H dark-brotherhood-set

Hide of the Werewolf M

Hircine's veneer M

Hist Bark crafted-sets
(4 traits)

Hunding's Rage crafted-sets
(6 traits)

Hunt Leader M orsinium-set

Ice Furnace H

Iceheart monster-set

Icy Conjuror L wrathstone-dlc-icon

Ilambris monster-set

Immortal Warrior H

Imperial Physique imperial-city-sets

Impregnable Armor morrowind-set

Indomitable Fury L murkmire-set

Infallible Mage L

Infector M morrowind-set

Infernal Guardian monster-set

Innate Axiom crafted-sets clockwork-city-set
(2 traits)

Inventor's Guard morrowind-set

Ironblood H horns-reach-set

Jailbreaker M

Jailer's Tenacity H Wolfhunter Set ESO

Jolting Arms H

Jorvuld's Guidance L dragon-bones-sets

Juggernaut H

Kagrenac's Hope crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Knight Slayer morrowind-set

Knight-Errant's Mail H

Knightmare H

Kra'gh monster-set

Kvatch Gladiator crafted-sets dark-brotherhood-set
(5 Traits)

Kyne's Kiss M

Lamia's Song L

Law of Julianos crafted-sets orsinium-set
(6 Traits)

Leeching Plate H imperial-city-sets

Leki's Focus M

Leviathan M

Light of Cyrodiil L

Light Speaker L

Livewire H clockwork-city-set

Lord Warden monster-setimperial-city-sets

Lunar Bastion H thieves-guild-set

Maarselok Set  scalebreaker-dlc-icon

Maarselok's Visage H  scalebreaker-dlc-icon

Mad Tinkerer L clockwork-city-set

Magicka Furnace L

Magnus' Gift crafted-sets
(4 traits)

Mantle of Siroria L summerset-set

Mark of the Pariah H orsinium-set

Marksman's Crest M 

Marauder’s Haste Set dragonhold-dlc-icon-eso-wiki-guide

Master Architect morrowind-set

Maw of the Infernal monster-set

Mechanical Acuity crafted-sets clockwork-city-set
(6 traits)

Medusa H

Meridia’s Blessed Armor H

Meritorious Service L imperial-city-sets

Might of the Lost Legion crafted-sets murkmire-set
(4 traits)

Mighty Chudan monster-set shadows-of-the-hist-set

Mighty Glacier H wrathstone-dlc-icon

Molag  Kena monster-setimperial-city-sets

Moondancer L thieves-guild-set

Moon Hunter L Wolfhunter Set ESO

Morag Tong M

Morkuldin crafted-sets orsinium-set
(9 Traits)

Mother's Sorrow L

Naga Shaman crafted-sets murkmire-set
(2 traits)

Necropotence L

Nerien'eth monster-set

Netch's Touch L

New Moon Acolyte Set dragonhold-dlc-icon-eso-wiki-guide

Night Mother's Embrace Set M

Night Mother's Gaze crafted-sets
(6 traits)

Night Terror M

Night's Silence crafted-sets
(2 traits)

Nightflame monster-set

Nikulas' Heavy Armor H

Noble Duelist's Silks L

Noble's Conquest crafted-sets imperial-city-sets
(5 Traits)

Nocturnal's Favor crafted-setssummerset-set
(9 traits)

Oblivion's Edge M

Oblivion's Foe crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Order of Diagna H

Orgnum's Scales crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Overwhelming Surge L


Para Bellum M orsinium-set

Pelinal's Aptitude crafted-sets dark-brotherhood-set
(9 Traits)

Permafrost H orsinium-set

Pillar of Nirn M horns-reach-set

Phoenix L imperial-city-sets

Pirate Skeleton monster-set

Plague Doctor H

Plague Slinger M dragon-bones-sets

Poisonous Serpent M

Powerful Assault M imperial-city-sets

Prayer Shawl L

Prisoner's Rags L

Queen's Elegance L

Quick Serpent M

Ranger's Gait M

Rattlecage H

Ravager H

Reactive Armor imperial-city-sets

Redistributor crafted-sets imperial-city-sets
(7 Traits)

Renald's Resolve Set H scalebreaker-dlc-icon

Roar of Alkosh M thieves-guild-set

Robes of Alteration Mastery L

Robes of Destruction Mastery L

Robes of the Hist L

Robes of the Withered Hand L

Robes of Transmutation L

Salvation M

Sanctuary L

Savage Werewolf M Wolfhunter Set ESO

Scathing Mage L imperial-city-sets

Scavenging Demise M wrathstone-dlc-icon

Scourge Harverster monster-set

Selene monster-set

Sellistrix monster-set

Senche's Bite M

Senche-raht’s Grit crafted-sets elsweyr-dlc-icon
(8 traits)

Senchal Defender Set dragonhold-dlc-icon-eso-wiki-guide

Sentinel of Rkugamz monster-set

Sentry M

Sergeant's Mail H

Seventh Legion Brute H

Shacklebreaker crafted-sets morrowind-set
(6 traits)

Shadow Dancer's Raiment L

Shadow of the Red Mountain M

Shadow Walker M

Shadowrend monster-set

Shalidor's Curse crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Shalk Exoskeleton H

Sheer Venom M imperial-city-sets

Shield Breaker M imperial-city-sets

Shield of the Valiant M

Shroud of the Lich L

Silks of the Sun L

Sithis' Touch dark-brotherhood-set

Skooma Smuggler L

Slimecraw monster-set

Sload’s Semblance crafted-setssummerset-set
(6 traits)

Soldier of Anguish Mmurkmire-set

Song of Lamae crafted-sets
(5 traits)

Soulshine H

Spawn of Mephala monster-set

Spectre's Eye crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Spell Strategist L murkmire-sets

Spell Power Cure L imperial-city-sets

Spelunker M

Spider Cultist Cowl L

Spinner's Garment's L

Spriggan's Thorns Set M

Stendarr's Embrace L

Stonekeeper monster-setwrathstone-dlc-icon

Storm Knight's Plate H

Storm Master M

Stormfist monster-set

Strength of the Automaton M

Stygian M

Sunderflame M

Swamp Raider M

Swarm Mother monster-set

Sword Dancer M

Sword-Singer M

Symphony of Blades monster-setwrathstone-dlc-icon

Syrabane's Grip L

Syvarra's Scales thieves-guild-set



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