All ESO Sets presented in alphabetical order, with links to how to find them. Users on desktop can mouse over the sets to preview. All sets are categorized for easy distinction by the following markers, if no L/M/H markers are present, the set can come in any type.

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All ESO Sets Alphabetical Order


Aegis of Galanwe H summerset-set

Adept Rider crafted-setssummerset-set
(3 traits)

Affliction H

Agility weapon-set

Akaviri Dragonguard H

Alessia's Bulwark crafted-sets
(5 traits)

Alessian Order H

Almalexia's Mercy L

Amber Plasm L shadows-of-the-hist-set

Arch-Mage L

Archer's Mind M

Armor Master crafted-sets imperial-city-sets
(9 Traits)

Armor of the Seducer crafted-sets
(3 traits)

Armor of the Trainee

Armor of the Veiled Heritance H

Armor of Truth H

Arms of Relequen M summerset-set

Ashen Grip crafted-sets
(2 traits)

Aspect of Mazzatun H shadows-of-the-hist-set

Assassin's Guile morrowind-set
(3 traits)

Automated Defense morrowind-set

Bahraha's Curse thieves-guild-set

Barkskin M

Bastion of the Heartland H

Beckoning Steel H

Beekeeper's Gear H

Berserking Warrior H

Black Rose H imperial-city-sets

Blessing of the Potentates weapon-set

Blooddrinker M horns-reach-set

Blood Spawn monster-set

Bloodthorn's Touch L

Bone Pirate's Tatters M

Brands of Imperium H imperial-city-sets

Briarheart M orsinium-set

Buffer of the Swift L

Burning Spellweave L

Caluurion's Legacy L dragon-bones-sets

Chokethorn monster-set

Clever Alchemist crafted-sets thieves-guild-set
(7 Traits)

Combat Physician L

Coward's Gear morrowind-set

Crest of Cyrodiil H

Crusader M

Curse Eater L

Curse of Doylemish H dragon-bones-sets

Daedric Trickery crafted-sets morrowind-set
(8 traits)

Darkstride M

Deadly Strikes weapon-set

Death's Wind crafted-sets
(2 traits)

Defending Warrior H

Desert Rose L

Destructive Mage L

Domihaus monster-set horns-reach-set

Draugr Hulk M

Draugr's Heritage H

Draugr's Rest L horns-reach-set

Dreamer's Mantle L

Dreugh King Slayer H

Duneripper's Scales H

Durok's Bane H

Eagle Eye weapon-set

Earthgore monster-set horns-reach-set

Ebon Armory H

Elemental Succession Lorsinium-set

Elf Bane H

Embershield H

Endurance weapon-set

Engine Guardian monster-set

Essence Thief Mimperial-city-sets

Eternal Hunt crafted-sets thieves-guild-set
(9 Traits)

Eternal Warrior H

Eyes of Mara crafted-sets
(8 traits)

Fasalla's Guile H

Fiord's Legacy M

Flanking Strategist M dark-brotherhood-set

Flame Blossom L horns-reach-set

Footman's Fortune H

Fortified Brass crafted-sets clockwork-city-set
(4 traits)

Galerion's Revenge imperial-city-sets

Glorious Defender H orsinium-set

Gossamer L shadows-of-the-hist-set

Grace of Gloom H summerset-set

Grace of the Ancients weapon-set

Green Pact H

Grothdarr monster-set

Gryphon's Ferocity M summerset-set



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