Books in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) refers to in-game collections of manuscripts, letters, and archives that often shed light on Tamriel's Lore, Quests, and Locations. Books are an essential part of ESO's world-building, and are detailed on this page for out-of-game reading.

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Books & Collections in ESO

There are three main types of Book Collections in Elder Scrolls Online, that are then sub-divided into many more:

  • Shalidor's Library: This is a comprehensive collection of loreboooks available in the game, featuring almost 300 books related to the world's Lore and available for exploring once players have accessed the Mages Guild. Reading books within this collection increases the player's Mages Guild rank. Completing a sub-collection grants more points than individual books. Players can read these books from the game's menu.
  • Eidetic Memory: Players obtain this "Skill Collection" as a reward for completing the Mages Guild main quest.  This is a collection of letters, notes and books that are not covered under Shalidor's Library.
  • Style Motifs: These consumable books are used by players for learning Styles crafting.


List of Books in ESO

Shalidor's Library Sub-Collections

The library is divided into 29 separate sections that encompass lore for each Location of ESO as well as other noteworthy world-building.


Eidetic Memory Subcollections

The library is divided into 41 separate sections that encompass lore for DLC and Quests as well as other noteworthy world-building.

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