Orsinium Archive is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Orsinium Archive Books Collection

Title Author Location
Agolas's Journal Agolas
  • Aqueduct Rock
All About Echatere Stugbrulz gro-Shatul
  • Shatul Range
Arakaul the Unbroken
  • Honor's Rest
Armlet of Torug
  • House of Orsimer Glories, Orsinium
Auditorial Notes, Declension 81u5 Harmonic Auditor
  • Room in the eastern corner in Rkindaleft near the forge
Baloth Bloodtusk
  • Morkul Descent
Bazorgbeg's Expeditionary Journal Bazorgbeg
  • Near the entrance to the Tonal Auditorium in Rkindaleft
Confessions of a Reluctant Recruit Rohg
  • Fabasi's Runes & Enchantments, Orsinium
Dorand's Final Notes Dorand
  • Rkindaleft
For Letter Finder
  • Just southwest of Animus Resonation Chamber, Rkindaleft
Gharakul's Journal Gharakul
  • Near clothing station, Morkuldin
Grazdar's Notes: Hammer's Bypass Grazdar
  • Outside Hammer's Bypass in Old Orsinium
Honor's Rest Monument Stone
  • Honor's Rest
Ice-Heart's Journal Urfon Ice-Heart
  • Inside a large room to the south in Frostbreak Fortress
Investigator Vale: Fowl Play
  • Atop the southern watchtower, Graystone Quarry
Investigator Vale: The Curse of Mandrake Manor
  • The Greedy Gut, Orsinium
Investigator Vale: The Locked Room Murder
  • Fharun Stronghold, inside Fharun Keep
Invitation to Orsinium
  • King's Cornerclub, Orsinium
Jeirmun's Work Log Jeirmun
  • Inside a cave in northwest Rkindaleft, below the skyshard location
King Joile's Orders to General Mercedene King Joile
  • Reliana's Memory
Lakora of the Hunt
  • Morkul Descent
Letter to Baloth Bloodtusk King Joile of Daggerfall
  • Arakaul's Memory
Letter to Lozruth Goruz
  • Inside a tent next to Grashbag's Grog in Honor's Rest
Letter to Orzorga General Proximus
  • Orzorga's Kitchen
Letter to Yazara Ushruka
  • Shatul Range
Little Echatere Eveli Sharp-Arrow
  • Obtained during The Anger of a King
Malacath and the Reach
  • Near the entrance to Honor's Rest Catacombs
Malacath and Trinimac Ugdorga, the King's Scribe
    Mazghar Many-Tongues
    • Morkul Descent
    Mercenary's Scorched Journal
    • Animus Resonation Chamber, Rkindaleft
    Morkuldin Visitor's Observations
    • Inside a room in the northern part of Morkuldin Forge
    Morkuldin's Final Delivery Zushruk
    • In a small room in southeastern part of Morkuldin Forge
    Mystery of the Chub Loon Zabia-ko
    • At a small camp southwest of the Frozen Fleet
    Note to Agolas Zabani
    • Aqueduct Rock under the aqueduct
    Ode to a Horker Drusk the Would-Be Bard
    • Jehanna Docks
    Ode to a Watchtower Drusk the Would-Be Bard
    • near Forlorn Watchtower
    Old Orc Sayings: Shields Roald Kenway
    • At a camp to the northeast of Bloody Knoll
    Orcs and Their Tusks Folms Seleth
    • The Greedy Gut, Orsinium
    Prayer to the Furious One
    • Malacath Statue
    Riekrs of Wrothgar: Observations
    • Bonerock Cavern
    Rkindaleft's Council of Chiefs
    • Near a group of Orcs in the large northeastern room in Rkindaleft
    Savage Sons War Chant
    • The central burial chamber inside Honor's Rest
    Skalg's Journal Skalg
    • In a small northwestern room in Morkuldin Forge
    Strange Rituals of the Orsimer Chaplain Jorden, Priest of Arkay
    • Cold Coast Cuisine, Exile's Barrow
    • Temple of Ire, Orsinium
    The Care and Feeding of Briar Hearts
    • Frostbreak Fortress
    The Challenge at Bloody Knoll
    • Bloody Knoll
    The Great Warmth
    • The large northeastern room in Rkindaleft
    The Legend of Grudge-Rock Falls
    • Grudge-Rock Falls
    The Ogres of Wrothgar: A Continuing Treatise Cirantille
    • On a rock overlooking The Mad Ogre's Altar
    Unsent Letter From Qumih at-Tamina Qumih at-Tamina
    • Inside a tent outside Honor's Rest
    Urgdosh's Unsent Letter Urgdosh
    • In a small room in the southeastern Morkuldin Forge
    Why We Fled
    • Room in the eastern corner, Rkindaleft
    Windwalker Tamahl
    • Eastern halls of Honor's Rest catacombs
    Winterborn's Note
    • Coldperch Cavern
    • Table behind Deechee-Noo, Orsinium Mages Guild


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