Diaries and Logs is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Diaries and Logs Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Fitting Tribute
  • Ten-Maur-Wolk inside the cave.
A Sad Day for the Ra Gada
  • Dead Man's Drop
A Time of Troubles Gwilgoth Branchbreaker
  • Gwilgoth's House, Silvenar
Aluvus' Final Notes Aluvus
  • Ondil (map)
Aluvus' Further Notes Aluvus
  • Ondil (map)
Aluvus' Notes Aluvus
  • Ondil (map)
Anirtur's Diary Anirtur
  • Abandoned House, Haven
Aranias' Diary Aranias
  • College of Aldmeri Propriety
Argonian Refugee's Diary
  • The Gray Mire
Arowende's Diary Page 23 Arowende
  • Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine
Arowende's Diary Page 26 Arowende
  • Zalkin-Sul Egg Mine
Back Home in Orsinium
  • The Rosy Lion upstairs
Big Damn Bugs
  • Henlor's House, Arenthia
Book of Thoughts
  • Hatching Pools
Captain Black Sword's Journal Captain Black Sword
  • Trapjaw's Cove
Captain Parondo's Log Entry Captain Parondo
  • Inside the Greenwater Manse at Greenwater Cove
Caught Him!
  • Divad's Chagrin Mine
Cinnar's Notes Cinnar
    Diary of Climent Noellaume Climent Noellaume
      Diary, Day 13
      • Vaults of Madness
      Diary, Day 36
      • Vaults of Madness
      Diary, Day 61
      • Vaults of Madness
      Diary, Day Unknown
      • Vaults of Madness
      Dockmaster's Lament
      • Cat's Eye Quay, within a damaged building north of the map marker.
      Entila's Folly Bakhig
      • Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury, Vulkhel Guard
      • Mages Guild, Vulkhel Guard
      Exploring the Xal Ithix Ruins Looks-Under-Rocks
        Fasaran's Diary Fasaran
        • Fasaran's House, Dawnbreak
        Franara's Journal Franara Themond
        • Travelers' Rest
        Garnikh's Hunting Log Garnikh
        • Garnikh's campsite, south of Grimfield
        Gathiel's Diary Gathiel
          Gordag's Journal Gordag
          • Atanaz Ruins
          Greenshade Explorer's Log
            Gripe, Gripe, Gripe
            • At Lady Clarisse Laurent's camp, Qharroa Ruins
            How Much Longer?
            • Zabibi's House, Arenthia
            I Suspect Duplicity Scholar Thirobar
            • Magia Ruins, Cyrodiil - Southeast of Blue Road Keep
            King Ranser's Tirade King Ranser
            • Traitor's Tor, Rivenspire inside the watchtower.
            Knahaten Flu Confirmed Shaman Chirah
            • Stillrise Village
            Lady Laurent's Qharroa Notes Lady Clarisse Laurent
            • Qharroa Ruins
            Listens-to-Water's Observations Listens-to-Water
            • Listens-to-Water's Hut, Stormhold
            Marbruk Builder's Log
            • Mages Guild, Marbruk
            Mark of Egg-Births
            • Hatching Pools
            Nadine's Diary Nadine Rielle
            • Duke's Temporary Command, Aldcroft, upstairs next to the bed on the left.
            Nevena's Diary
              Nicolene's Diary (Private!) Nicolene
              • The Spearhead below decks
              Nirwaen's Diary Nirwaen
                Not Long Now
                • Ten-Maur-Wolk
                Not That Bad
                • Hirraxim's House, Arenthia
                Note on Torn Parchment
                • Coldrock Diggings
                Orchelor's Diary Orchelor
                • Bolelos's House, Silvenar
                Ostarand's Diary Ostarand
                • Mzeneldt
                Pages from Thiirril's Diary Thiirril
                • Pell's Gate
                Quartermaster's Log
                • Blackheart Haven
                Rana's Log Captain Rana
                • Captain Rana's Office, Bleakrock Village
                Raven-Hair's Recollections Gjarma Raven-Hair
                • The First Witness, Haven
                • Fighters Guild, Haven
                Raynor's Travel Diary Raynor Vanos
                • At the entrance to Mzulft
                Redfur Corporal's Log
                • Redfur Trading Post
                Rotten Bread and Spoiled Meat
                • Zabibi's House, Arenthia
                Savior of the Altmer, Part 1 Canonreeve Oraneth
                • Elden Hollow I
                Savior of the Altmer, Part 2 Canonreeve Oraneth
                • Elden Hollow I
                Savior of the Altmer, Part 3 Canonreeve Oraneth
                • Elden Hollow I
                Scutwork and Drudgery Fahdah the Eyeful
                • Sentinel Outlaws Refuge
                She Dared Me
                • Chieftan's Longhouse, Dra'bul
                Spotted a Cave
                • Survivor's Camp
                The Chorrol Crier
                • Chorrol
                The Guise of Woodcutter
                • Southern Morrowind Gate
                The Perfect Hiding Spot
                • Cyrodiil
                The Prowler's Log
                • The Prowler at Shattered Shoals
                The Source of Power
                • The Great Shackle
                The True Fate of King Ranser Serinal Gane, Royal Scribe of Shornhelm
                • Traitor's Tor
                Thozor's Diary Thozor
                • Stranglewatch
                Timberscar Frustration
                • The big tent outside Timberscar Hollow
                Uggissar's Diary Uggissar
                • Next to Idirfa in Fort Amol
                Uggissar's Lament Uggissar
                • Icehammer's Vault, northwest corridor
                Vanishing Crew
                • Divad's Chagrin Mine
                Village Record, Recent Entry Canonreeve Pinanande
                • Pinanande's House, Shattered Grove
                Vim's Diary Vim Hlaalu
                • Narsis behind the main building.
                Watch Log, Volume 245
                • Ilayas Ruins, Malabal Tor
                What Flows Downstream
                • Fills-Up-On-Fish's Hut, Xal Ithix
                Why the Projections?
                • Henlor's House, Arenthia
                Wind-Ripped Page Ealcil
                • An abandoned camp to the west of the Temple of the Mourning Springs


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