Plots and Schemes is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Plots and Schemes Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Request for Your Support Magistrix Vox
  • Selfora Inn
Alchemy Report
  • Marla's House, Fort Amol
Aniaste's Journal Aniaste
    Anonymous Journal
    • Narsis
    Bandit Thug's Journal
    • Tarlain Bandit Camp
    Barjot's Journal Barjot Benoit
    • Carzog's Demise
    Baron Sorick's Orders Baron Sorick
    • Barracks House, Dreughside
    Blood-Sealed Contract Angof the Gravesinger
      Colovian Deserter's Journal
      • Fardir's Folly
      Constable Maldred's Journal Maldred Gagnon
      • Mayor's House, Moira's Hope
      Culmination and Success P
        Del's Claim The Veiled Queen
        • Del's Claim
        Elphirion's Journal Elphirion
        • Dread Vullain
        Everfull Flagon Journal, Page 1 Bernt the Brittle
        • The Everfull Flagon
        Everfull Flagon Journal, Page 2 Bernt the Brittle
        • The Everfull Flagon
        Everfull Flagon Journal, Page 3 Bernt the Brittle
        • The Everfull Flagon
        Farangel's Delve: Further Orders
        • Farangel's Delve
        Firebrand Watch
        • Portdun Watch
        Firras' Journal Firras
        • Stormwarden Undercroft
        For the Archery Competition Leimaer the Raven
        • Windhelm
        For the Drinking Contest Leimaer the Raven
        • Windhelm
        For the Preliminary Duels Leimaer the Raven
        • Windhelm
        For the Tracker's Competition Leimaer the Raven
        • Windhelm
        Frirhild's Journal Frirhild
        • Frostmoon Farmhouse, Frostmoon Farmstead
        Hegris' Orders Hegris the Black Dagger
        • Capstone Cave
        Hendil's Journal Hendil
        • Hendil's House, Phaer
        Hildune's Secret Refuge
        • Hildune's Secret Refuge
        Hinaamo's Journal Hinaamo
        • Abandoned House, Mistral
        Iirdel's Journal Treethane Iirdel
          Imperial Mutiny! Famius
            Journal of Urodil Sea-Born Urodil Sea-Born
              Kurlash's Orders General Godrun
              • Dro-Dara Plantation
              Leimaer the Raven's Journal Leimaer the Raven
              • Cold Moon Inn, Windhelm
              Lerineaux's Concerns Kath of the Red Nails
              • Covenant Lodge, Pa'alat
              Letter to Reezal-Jul Baron Wylon Montclair
              • Barracks, Shornhelm
              Letter with Singed Edges High Kinlady Estre
              • Firsthold
              List of Targets
              • Ravenwatch Castle (After quest)
              Lleraya's Orders Lady Lleraya Montclair
              • Mayor's House, Moira's Hope
              Malofar's Journal Malofar
              • Breagha-Fin
              Merdyndril's Orders Merdyndril
              • On an island in Lake Hlaalu
              Missive to Alchemist
              • The Lion's Den
              Montclair Assassin's Orders
              • Arcorion Two-Blades' camp west of Shornhelm
              No Praise for False Gods
              • Narsis Ruins
              Nolonir's Journal, Page 17 Nolonir
              • Wansalen
              Nolonir's Journal, Page 29 Nolonir
              • Wansalen
              Nolonir's Journal, Page 6 Nolonir
              • Wansalen
              Nostrum's Notes Nostrum Breva
              • Quarantine Serk Catacombs
              Note from Magister Osanne Magister Osanne
              • At a camp near Fort Amol
              Note in a Dead Man's Hand
              • Barracks House, Dreughside
              Notes on Shornhelm's Cisterns
              • Hidden Basement underneath the Abandoned House in Shornhelm
              On Activation Advisor Norion
              • Tanzelwil
              On the Chamber of Passage Septima Tharn
                On the Holy Symbol Advisor Norion
                • Tanzelwil
                On the Spirits of the Hel Shira Pampinto Scivio
                  Orders for Athal Hegris the Black Dagger
                  • Quickwater Cave
                  Orders from Commander Pyline Commander Pyline
                  • At a camp just south of Northpoint near the Dorell Farmhouse
                  Orders from Duke Renchant Duke Renchant
                  • Behind the Mystic Mortar in Evermore
                  Orders from Fildgor Fildgor Orcthane
                  • A camp just north of Kynesgrove Wayshrine
                  Orders from Hegris Hegris the Black Dagger
                  • Red Ruby Cave, beside Zandur
                  Quartermaster's Note
                  • Craglorn
                  Rayno's Scorched Journal Rayno Dalvilu
                  • Bleaker's Way (Cyrodiil)
                  Redfur Journal, v. 1
                  • Reliquary Ruins
                  Redfur Journal, v. 2
                  • Reliquary Ruins
                  Reezal-Jul's Journal Reezal-Jul
                  • Shadowfate Cavern
                  Reminder: Don't Drink the Water
                  • Narsis
                  Reply from Reezal-Jul Reezal-Jul
                  • Barracks, Shornhelm
                  Response to Vox, First Draft Tidyn Arthalen
                  • Selfora Temple
                  Roots of Silvenar Adavos Dren
                  • Roots of Silvenar
                  Sagabar's Orders Leonce Gavendien
                    Shaman Moramat's Orders Fildgor Orcthane
                    • On Shaman Moramat's body
                    Skuldafn Orders Fildgor Orcthane
                    • In a tent at the top of Skuldafn
                    Spymaster Ramorgol's Orders Fildgor Orcthane
                    • On Spymaster Ramorgol's body
                    Susceptibility to Corruption Advisor Norion
                    • Tanzelwil
                    Tancano's Journal Tancano
                    • Phaer Catacombs
                    Teldur's Journal Teldur
                    • Valano Manor, Silsailen
                    The Benefits of Alliance Mannimarco
                    • Mehrunes' Spite
                    The Danger of Defiance Mannimarco
                    • Mehrunes' Spite
                    The Great Mooring
                    • The Great Shackle
                    The Maulborn Manifesto
                    • Quarantine Serk Catacombs
                    • Brooding Elf Inn, Quarantine Serk
                    To the Veiled Masters T
                    • Altmer Embassy, Elden Root
                    Unmarked Pages
                    • Sanctum Ophidia
                    Urgent Message from the Kinlady High Kinlady Estre
                    • Dawnbreak, in a building
                    Veiled Heritant's Letter
                      Vicereeve Pelidil's Orders Vicereeve Pelidil
                        Vox's Final Reply Magistrix Vox
                        • Town Hall, Selfora
                        Warning from Fildgor Fildgor Orcthane
                        • At Kazok's Camp near Voljar's Meadery
                        Welcome, Veiled Recruit
                        • Errinorne Isle


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