Hearts and Flowers is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Hearts and Flowers Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Discarded Letter
  • In hut below stern of ship, Alten Corimont
A Letter to Maraya Almandine
  • Near Bridge outside cave of Stonechewer Goblin Camp, Stormhaven
A Plea in Parting
  • Forgotten Crypts
A Prayer for My Family Ruthri Othrenim
  • Quarantine Serk
  • Mages Guild Hall, Eyevea
Aluvus' Journal Aluvus
  • Mages Guild, Vulkhel Guard
An Ancient Love Letter Rogano
  • Cave of Broken Sails
An Elegantly Penned Letter Ramina
  • Screaming Mermaid, Port Hunding
An Offering
  • Quarantine Serk
Angiente's Book of Prospects Angiente
  • Vlastarus
Angry Love Letter Uggald
  • Shor's Stone
Atrocious Love Letter
  • Daggerfall Outlaws Refuge
Blood-Spattered Love Note M.
  • The Underroot
Breton Bedtime Stories
  • Carzog's Demise
Cardia's Letter to Father Cardia
  • Fort Sphinxmoth
Claudie's Journal Claudie Themond
  • In tower of Baelborne Rock, Glenumbra
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 1 Dalaneth
  • Bloodtoil Valley
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 2 Dalaneth
  • Bloodtoil Valley
Dalaneth's Journal, Page 3 Dalaneth
  • Bloodtoil Valley
Dear Johun Letter Idesa the Trim
  • Fort Morvunskar
Diary of a Romance
  • Sweetbreeze Cottage
Dulkhi's Diary Dulkhi
    Farandare's Journal Farandare
    • North of Falinesti Summer Site
    Feyne Vildan's Diary Feyne Vildan
    • Percolating Mire
    Forged Letter From "Zali" "Zali"
    • Maormer Embassy, Mistral
    • On the ground near to the Mistral Wayshrine after the quest
    Garil's Journal Garil
    • Forgotten Crypts
      I Count the Nights Hevra
        I Saw Him Again Tonight
        • Hildune's Secret Refuge
        It Is Insufferable
        • The Hunting Grounds
        Klaandor's Journal Klaandor Axe-Bearer
        • West of Brea Knodel's House in Shornhelm
        • Dropped by Klaandor Axe-Bearer
        Letter from Chill Hollow Hjalo
        • The Chill Hollow
        Letter to Betra Eepa Snow-Hair
        • Deldwine's Inn, Fort Amol
        Letter to Firilia
        • Falinesti Faithful camp, Falinesti Autumn Site
        Letter to Jazish Jiyya
        • Firsthold
        Letter to Raerana Rilyn Uvani
        • Frostmoon Farmstead
        Letter to Rulassalmo Fistalime
        • Firsthold
        Letter to Sonya Hadmal Lastblood
          Letters from Leon and Rosalind Rosalind Milielle
          • Westtry
          Love Note to Adrienne Erning
          • Cyrodiil
          Love Note to Catina Erning
          • Cyrodiil
          Love Note to Enna Erning
          • Cyrodiil
          Mathias Raiment's Journal Mathias Raiment
          • Manteau Manor, Wind Keep
          Merion's Diary Merion
          • In Merion's Bliss under the Tower of the Vale, Glister Vale during the quest
          • On the floor in the Tower of the Vale, Glister Vale after the quest
          My Dearest Love Neeti-Ma
          • Khartag Point
          My Sweet Flower X
          • Vylie's House, Southpoint
          Nadafa's Journal Nadafa
          • Hildune's Secret Refuge
          • Rivenspire, outside of Aren Belaine's House
          Najan's Journal Najan
          • Nilata Ruins
          Nedras' Journal Nedras the Sly
          • On Nedras the Sly, south of Westmark Moor Dolmen
          Note from No-Fingers No-Fingers
          • The Gray Mire
          Note to Cardia Darius
          • Fort Sphinxmoth
          Note to Nurese
            O Blessed Spinners Ulthorn the Hound
            • Silvenar
            • Valeguard
            Partially Legible Letter
            • Stormhold Fighters Guild
            Perfumed Letter Borali
            • Thulvald's Logging Camp
            Picnic Note M
              Renrijra Pirates Captain Augustus Relippe
              • Abandoned Mud Hut, Silent Mire
              Rilyn's Journal Rilyn Uvani
              • Jenedusil's Claw (map)
              She Is My Light
              • Jagged Grotto
              Sweet Life Dusted-with-Sugar
              • Jainda's Needful Supplies, Baandari Trading Post
              • Wayrest Mages Guild Hall
              Sweetness in the Air
              • Goldfolly
              Tears of Anurraame
              • Erokii Ruins
              The First of the Letters Erraduure
              • Reliquary Ruins
              The Hist's Fire Pegareem
              • Mud Tree Village
              • Forsaken Hamlet
              The Last of the Letters Erraduure
              • Reliquary Ruins
              The Second of the Letters Erraduure
              • Reliquary Ruins
              Things to do before the baby comes:
              • Hollow Waste Dolmen
              To Clarice—Be My Darling! Georges Plouffe
              • Wayside Inn, Wind Keep
              To Colundore Falarel the Jester
              • Antechamber, Castle Rilis
              To My Azeez-Eix Lalisii Dres
              • Still-Water's Camp
              • Stonefang Isle
              To My Pash-Riha Lalisii Dres
              • Greymist Falls
              Tonight He Confessed
              • Hildune's Secret Refuge
              Tonight Was the Night
              • Hildune's Secret Refuge
              Wish Me Good Fortune Gilres
              • Blessed Crucible
              Xarxes and Oghma Thandelieth
                Yngrel's To Do List Mervilda Ales
                • Broken Helm Hollow
                Your Silver Fur
                • Mistral, upstairs in the Maormer Embassy
                • on the ground near to the Mistral Wayshrine after the quest


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