Words of the Poets is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Words of the Poets Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Child's Tamriel Bestiary Shane gro-Orath (Clever, no? Ha, ha!)
  • Sheogorath's Shrine
A Forebear Warrior's Song
  • Leki's Blade
  • Thoda's Residence, Sentinel
A Less Rude Song Anonymous
    An Ode to the Red Bird
    • Elden Root Fighters Guild
    • Sentinel Palace
      Betnikh Limerikh
      • Fullhelm Fort
      • Crypt of Hearts
      • Rkulftzel
      Chim-el Adabal: A Ballad
      • Monastic Lodge, Weynon Priory
      Couplets in Admiration of the Dead Ferordomas
      • Belkarth Outlaws Refuge
      Damp Page
      • Royal Tombs, Fort Morvunskar
      Darkest Divinities Skald Skullsplitter
      • Broken Tusk
      Destroyer's Rest
      • Heart of the Barrowbough, Bone Orchard
      Dry Page
      • Royal Tombs, Fort Morvunskar
      Elders of Bramblebreach
      • Treethane's Chambers, Bramblebreach
      Epode of the Ansei Wards Weltan of Sentinel
      • Mages Guild, Sentinel
      • Royal Seraglio, Sentinel
      • Zohreh's Books & Inscriptions, Bergama
      Four Coins of Yore
      • In an abandoned house west of Castle Faregyl
      Geirmund's Oath
      • Geirmund's Hall
      Goodnight Mundus
      • Mehrunes' Spite
      • Church, Bruma
      • Vlastarus
      Hidden Tears
      • Shrine of Kyne
      History of the Handfast
      • Inside the inn, Silvenar
      Hymn to Kyne
          King Farangel's Beer Ballad
          • Cloudy Dregs Inn, Wayrest
          Kyne's Tears
          • Shrine of Kyne
          Lady Murcien's Folly Anonymous
          • Abandoned House, Murcien's Hamlet
          Lamentations of the Lost Anonymous
          • Riverbrew, Hissmir
          Lord Vivec's Questions Vivec
            Love's Eternal Flame
            • Crypt of Hearts
            Matthild Built This Place
            • Matthild's Last Venture
            Mead, Mead, Mead!
            • Voljar Farmhouse, Voljar's Meadery
            Netches! Netches! All Around! Anonymous
              Ode to Auridon
              • Overlook Inn, Firsthold
              • Mages Guild, Vulkhel Guard
              Ode to Oinkers Littrek Earth-Turner
              • Earth-Turner House, Bleakrock Village
              • Nimalten Barrow
              Ode to the Elden Tree
              • Outside Inn, Elden Root x2
              Of Men and Mer Hennabear
              • Eagle's Brook
              • Temple of Ire (Temple Library, in bookshelf)
              On Apocrypha
                On the Beauty of Ogres
                • Carac Dena
                On the Immortality of Dust Weltan of Sentinel
                • Desert Star Tea House, Sentinel
                • Ladrelas' House, Mistral
                • Leki's Blade
                One Wilding Night
                • Wilding Run
                Salamas's Epitaph
                • Crypt of the Exiles
                Sky and Storm
                • Aboard the Dread Halcyon in the Shattered Shoals
                Song of Despair Anonymous
                  Song of the Spirits
                  • Ouze
                  Stagger and Sway
                  • Geirmund's Hall, Iroda's tent
                  Tale of Two Moons
                  • Temple of the Dark Moon, Khenarthi's Roost
                  • Temple of the Crescent Moons, Khenarthi's Roost
                  The Amronal's Spell
                  • The Parchment & Horn, Marbruk
                  • Farwen's House, Woodhearth
                  The Ballad of Navid the Singer
                    The Ballad of Skald Skullsplitter Skald Skullsplitter, His Mark Here: X
                      The Battle of the Ale
                        The Coldharbour Compact
                        • Belda
                        The Death Blow of Abernanit Anonymous
                          The Deepest Cut
                          • Crypt of Hearts I
                          The Fall of Queen Nurnhilde Helgreir Lute-Voice, Bard of Windhelm
                          • Fort Morvunskar
                          The Father's Promise
                            The Great Siege of Orsinium
                              The Lusty Argonian Maid, A Song
                              • Temple of Ire (Temple Library, in bookshelf)
                              The Miner's Lament
                              • Outside the Crosswych Mine
                              The Nereid's Dilemma Anthil Morvir
                                The Orc Song
                                • Fort Morvunskar
                                The Quiet Room
                                • Jarl's Manor, Fort Amol
                                The Rite of Boethiah's Gauntlet Thendaramur Death-Blossom, Boethiah's Conduit of Sutch
                                  The Sea It Rises
                                  • Phynaster's Stride, Haven, on a crate on the exterior upper level balcony, south side.
                                  The Summoner
                                  • Crypt of Hearts I
                                  The Whisperer's Song, Verse 1
                                  • Spindleclutch I
                                  The Whisperer's Song, Verse 2
                                  • Spindleclutch I
                                  The Whisperer's Song, Verse 3
                                  • Spindleclutch I
                                  Truths of the North
                                  • Royal Tombs, Fort Morvunskar
                                  Uela's Song Uela the Ravener
                                  • Next to a ruined tower between Troll's Toothpick and Jackdaw Cove
                                  Verses of the Illuminated
                                  • Toothmaul Gully
                                  Wergital the Wolf-Boy Edouard Longtemps
                                  • Isles of Torment
                                  • Various Bookshelves
                                  When I Will Come A-Courtin'
                                    Worm Saga Mannimarco


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