Final Words is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Final Words Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Death Desired Acolyte Sorexius Cinna Central tower of exterior in Cyrodiil
A Fortune Behind Those Walls Anonymous treasure hunter Pillar of the Singing Sun, on a small island in western Stros M'Kai
A Simple Prayer Anonymous worshipper Behind a bush at Sacred Springs in southern Bangkorai
All Alone Marisse Bearclaw Mine, a delve in eastern Stormhaven
All Our Hopes Dashed   Cyrodiil
An Egg-citing Discovery!   Trapjaw's Cove, a swamp on the eastern coast of northern Glenumbra
Another Scrawled Note   Damar Farmstead in eastern Bangkorai
Anyone, Please E.K. Kuna's Delve, northern Reaper's March
Avenge Us! Miri Hedoran Hedoran Estate, southeastern Cyrodiil
Ayleid Library?   First room to the west after entering Gandranen Ruins, in central Shadowfen
Azara's Note Azara Vlastarus, in southwestern Cyrodiil, on a desk in Marodeen's House
Back to the Land!   East of Nindaeril's Perch, a small cove on the western shore of Grahtwood
Barrowton's Journal Barrowton Breagha-Fin, a cave in northern Rivenspire, southwest of Northpoint
Black Vine Ruins Zidal Black Vine Ruins, northeastern Malabal Tor
Bonesnap Journal   Bonesnap RuinsStormhaven
Borzul's Suicide Note Borzul gro-Ghol Under a bridge west of Shor's Stone,  eastern Rift
Captain Fanimanwe's Journal  Captain Fanimanwe Thibaut's Cairn, a crypt in central Reaper's March
Capturing Ammabani's Pride   Ammabani's Pride, Eastmarch
Claudie's Last Entry Claudia Themond Baelborne Rock, a ruined fort in southern Glenumbra
Crow's Wood Traveler's Log   Crow's Wood, a pocket plane of Evergloam, accessed by a portal in Davon's Watch, in Stonefalls
Endarre's Log Endarre Mzeneldt, a Dwemer ruin in the southern Dragontail Mountains of Hammerfell
Faded Note Vareldur Multiple locations within the fortified tower at the heart of Glister Vale, found in central Auridon, west to the town of Mathiisen.
Fakimal's Letter Bailiff Fakimal Bailiff Fakimal's House found in Bergama, a city in southern Alik'r Desert
Felgol's Note Felgol Trial: Hel-Ra Citadel located in Craglorn
Final Statement of Leobert Charien Leobert Charien Lipsand Tarn, northwestern Cyrodiil, behind a pillar on the end of the eastern footpath
Final Words   At the base of White Fall Mountain, northeastern Cyrodiil
Fisherman's Journal   Fisherman's Hut, west of the Reliquary of Stars in northern Rivenspire
Gamirth's Final Message Gamirth On the steps outside The Everfull Flagon, a tavern found in southeastern Coldharbour
General Malgoth's Journal General Malgoth Nereid Temple Cave in Dread Vullain, a small settlement in northwestern Greenshade
Glonnir's Letter Glonnir Dread Vullain, in the first pavilion on the left as you enter the village from the south, Greenshade
Grida's Note to Dralof Grida Meadmoon On the opposite side of the road from Hermit's Hideout in Eastmarch
Guild Mage's Journal   The Cave of Trophies, a cave in central Coldharbour, just southeast of the Cliffs of Failure
Healer Heloise's Notes Heloise Menoit Southeast of Shornhelm in Rivenspire, on the stairway post of the old tower behind Lieutenant Fairfax 
Hlaki's Journal Hlaki Lodorrsbane Hall of the Dead public dungeon found in western Windhelm, capital city of Eastmarch
Hubert's Notes Hubert  Bearclaw Mine in the far east of Stormhaven, north-northeast of the Weeping Giant Wayshrine
I Know Its Name   Pariah Catacombs, a delve in Stormhaven, just south of Pariah Abbey
Journal of Elias Elias  The middle section of Selene's Web, in a large hole past Treethane Kerninn
Kalodar's Letter Kalodar   
Last Will and Testament Betra Fairskin  The Frigid Grotto in southwestern Eastmarch, northwest of Fort Amol
Last Words of a Devotee   Stonefalls, outside a sealed/abandoned mine entrance between Senie and Ash Mountain
Last Words of Gordianus Fortunatus Gordianus Fortunatus  Southern Cyrodiil, in Beriel's Lament, on top of the lower broken wall
Letter to a Scoundrel Cardia  Fort Sphinxmoth, a ruin in northeastern Reaper's March, north of Dune
Letter to Hanza   Wethers' Cleft. a canyon in central Bangkorai, southeast of Bangkorai Garrison
Letter to Imwyn   South of the Dragon Mound, an ancient dragon burial site that can be found west of Kynesgrove in Eastmarch
Lieutenant Jascien's Last Missive Lieutenant Alouis Jascien  
Lost and Dusty Journal   Eastern Khenarthi's Roost, within the Temple of the Mourning Springs, at the bottom of the stairs leading to Uldor's Tomb
Lucius' Note Lucius  
Message in a Bottle Captain Lagra   
Might as Well Die Fighting     
Mossy Note    
Mustn't Forget  Cirandur  
Nine Commands of the Eight …    
No Quarantine for Us    
Note to Marianas    
Rest Gently    
Risa's Journal Risa Uvaril  
Ruminations by Guard Kleo Guard Kleo   
Scrap of Adubaer's Journal  Adubaer-sa  
Scrawled Note    
Serpent Hollow Observations    
Shul's Letter Shul  
Skyshard in Sight!  Estien  
Slashed and Blood-Stained Note Aklief  
Talvini Radus' Last Wish Talvanni Radus   
The Falconer's Log    
The Hoarvor Pit Aklief  
The Last Will of Roland Volcy  Roland Volcy  
The Little Alkosh's Log    
Theyo Bezon's Natural Observations    
Treasure Hunter's Journal    
Troll Socialization Research Notes    
Vareldur's Journal Vareldur  
Who Asked Them Here?    
Will of Otrovor Knifeborn Otrovor Knifebottom  
Zagrugh's Journal Zagrugh  
…ine Commands of Eight Divines    


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