Letters and Missives is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Letters and Missives Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Complaint to the Thalmor
  • Thalmor Headquarters, Woodhearth
A Reminder from the Judge Judge Xiven
  • Court of Contempt
A Soldier's Letter Duqaq af-Wazif
  • Sleepy Sailor Inn, Koeglin Village
A Wealth of Raw Material Grivier Bloodcaller
  • Balefire Island
Academy's Rejection Letter Felicitas Mallicius
  • Muck Valley Cavern
Aera's Letter to Denskar Aera
  • Nimalten
Aera's Letter to Tryn Aera Earth-Turner
  • Nimalten
Altered Missive
  • Baandari Trading Post
An Irate Employer Maximinus
  • At an abandoned site south of Wilminn's Winery, Cyrodiil
Archcanon Tarvus Interview Adjuvant Drumara
  • Saint Olms Waistworks, Vivec City
Borzugh's Letter Borzugh gro-Morkul
  • Torog's Spite
Bothamul's Orders Bothamul
    Come to Vvardenfell! Arturian
    • On the road between Seyda Neen and Vivec City
    Del's Claim Report Lennoon
    • Watch Captain Astanya's Home, Vulkhel Guard
    Dismissal Letter Telenger the Artificer
    • Merormo's Tower, Shattered Grove - upper level
    Faculty Application Colassewen of Firsthold
    • Firsthold Castle, Firsthold
    Foreman's Letter
      From Jofnir to Merric Jofnir Iceblade
      • Pressure Room III, Earth Forge
      Furious Letter
      • Lake-Heart House, Riften
      Further Missive from the Mages The Wayrest Mages Guild
      • Koeglin Mine
      Gjarma's Orders: Supplies Gjarma Raven-Hair
      • Haven
      Gjarma's Orders: Wamasu Gjarma Raven-Hair
      • The First Witness, Haven
      Gjarma's Orders: Yngold Gjarma Raven-Hair
      • Outside the Mages Guild, Haven
      Grigerda's Letter Methas Andavel
      • Manor House, Bruma
      High King Emeric, I Implore You! Adelil
      • Shornhelm Outlaws Refuge
      Incomplete Letter
      • Onkobra Kwama Mine
      Indal's Letter Indal
      • Do'Krin Monastery, Reaper's March
      Invitation to Morrowind Canon Llevule
      • Mailed to you by Canon Llevule
      Leave This Place
      • Goldfolly
      Letter from Agenor Agenor Storm-Blade
      • The Bastard's Tomb
      Letter from Althen Gerard Althen
      • Sanguine Barrows, west of the entrance to the crypt
      Letter from Altholmir Altholmir
      • Falinesti Faithful camp, Falinesti Autumn Site
      Letter from Bashshi-ra Bashshi-ra
      • The Greenbower, Woodhearth, behind Dondrothel. (map)
      Letter from Berfonas Berfonas
      • Jathsogur
      Letter from Camarino Camarino
      • Phaer Catacombs
      Letter from Dannic Dannic
      • Shademist Enclave, Shademist Moors
      Letter from Duke Nathaniel Duke Nathaniel
      • Alcaire Keep, Alcaire Castle
      Letter from Gabbi Gabbi Forestborne
      • Bonestrewn Crest
      Letter from Gorvyn Gorvyn Dran
      • Quarantine Serk
      Letter from Gothurg Gothurg
      • Crestshade Mine
      Letter from Karpu-sa Karpu-sa
      • Laughing Moons Plantation
      Letter from Lady Lleraya Lady Lleraya Montclair
      • Old Shornhelm Ruins
      Letter from Lenwe Lenwe
      • Phaer Catacombs
      Letter from Magistrix Vox Magistrix Vox
      • House Dres Farmstead
      Letter from Minique Minique
      • Phaer Catacombs
      Letter from Mirudda Mirudda
      • Sandblown Mine
      Letter from Oleenla Oleenla
      • Xal Thak
      Letter from Peverel Peverel Stemuseph
      • Stonetooth Fortress
      Letter from Quintus Quintus Verres
      • Aldunz, Alik'r Desert
      Letter from Ragna Ragna Stormcrag
      • Just across the bridge from Windhelm
      Letter From Tamien Sellan Tamien Sellan
      • Sellan House, Eagle's Brook
      Letter from the Orsinium Orphanage Oorga gra-Shazgul
        Letter from Tillrani Tillrani Snow-Bourne
        • Captain Rana's Office, Bleakrock Village
        Letter Home Filpinil
        • Shaveskin's Lament, Murkwater
        Letter to Akash
        • Elden Hollow I
        Letter to Alma Dreadlord Naucratius
        • Nagastani, Cyrodiil
        Letter to Artisans Craftworks Blivisi Beleth
        • Artisans Craftworks, Mournhold
        Letter to Belya Iocundus Arius
        • On the shore of the lake near Arvina Estate, Cyrodiil
        Letter to Calahawn
        • Just north of Reman's Bluff
        Letter to Captain Helane Captain Lerisa
        • Captain Helane's House, Saintsport
        Letter to Captain Lerisa Telonil
        • The Spearhead below decks
        • Saintsport, near the docks leading to Captain Helane's ship
        Letter to Cynhamoth Sir Cadwell
        • Cynhamoth's Grove
        Letter to Danier Matilde
        • In a tower near Fisherman's Island
        Letter to Edhelfin Elandora
          Letter to Egranor Aranias
          • Inside the North Ruins, Quendeluun,Auridon
          Letter to Estre High Kinlord Rilis
          • Firsthold Castle, Firsthold
          Letter to Evrien Ufgra gra-Gum
          • Southwest of Cracked Wood Cave, Cyrodiil
          Letter to Fadeel Mirudda
          • Sandblown Mine After Quest - Next to Leja's House, Kozanset
          Letter to Finia Marcott Duchess Olivie Delrusc
          • Shornhelm Outlaws Refuge
          Letter to Geldrion Randolph
          • The Gem & Flask, Belkarth
          Letter to Grand Warlord Dortene Protector Yseline
          • Southern High Rock Gate, in the tent behind Grand Warlord Dortene
          • Near the locked house between Southern High Rock Gate and the Scroll Temple of Alma Ruma
          Letter to Grand Warlord Sorcalin Protector Arfire
            Letter to Grand Warlord Zimmeron Protector Galiel
            • Northern Morrowind Gate
            Letter to Headman Bhosek Lady Brunwyn
            • Headman Bhosek's Palace
            Letter to Herminius Sophus J. Ithaka
            • Sunken Road
            Letter to Hosni Sirali
            • at-Tura Guest House, at-Tura Estate
            Letter to Idirfa Uggissar
            • Icehammer's Vault
            Letter to Jakild Gabbi Forestborne
              Letter to Kathner Beast Master Weerna
              • Crimson Cove
              Letter to Laenira
              • Inside Rootwatch Tower
              Letter to Laryaril Pelidil
              • Imperial Underground
              Letter to Leonce Gavendien Captain Lagra
              • Old Fell's Fort,Rivenspire
              Letter to Marina Niro Gratas
              • Bincal House, Cropsford
              Letter to Mirudda
              • Sandblown Mine
              Letter to Narsis Ida
              • Old Ida's Cottage
              Letter to Negaelion Glardel
              • Cormount
              Letter to Ofglog Shakul
              • Reman's Bluff, Grahtwood
              Letter to Raelynne Gaston Ashham
              • Underpall Cave
              Letter to Seyne Samel
              • Captain Rana's Office, Bleakrock Village
              • Snow-Bourne House, Bleakrock Village
              Letter to Stelvene Lothaire Rincous
              • Davon's Watch Outlaws Refuge
              Letter to Strastnoc Linele Skullcarver
              • Linele Skullcarver's Camp
              Letter to Tavo from Nahrina Nahrina
              • In the tent beside Nahrina, after the quest
              Letter to Telenger Namolelcare
              • Mages Guild, Firsthold
              Letter to Thalrinel E.
                Letter to the Twilight Mage Marashi
                • Avayan's Farm
                Letter to Vigrod Mother Wraithbane
                • Fallowstone Hall
                Letter to Wyress Gwen Wyress Domi
                • South Hut, Beldama Wyrd Tree
                Letter to Zemarek-Thul Sir Cadwell
                • Zemarek's Hollow
                Missive from the Mages Guild The Wayrest Mages Guild
                • Koeglin Mine
                Oblan's Letter
                • Aboard the Prowler at Shattered Shoals
                Order of the Eye Dispatch Skaldir
                • Any Mages Guild guildhall.
                Private Dispatch
                • In a tent on the northern edge of the Tal'Deic Fortress
                Quaronaldil's Letter Quaronaldil Duure
                • Ezduiin Vault
                Rakamud's Letter Rakamud
                • Southwest Khenarthi's Roost, near to a deserted wagon
                Rats in the Crops Silat
                • Mistral, within the Chancery
                Regarding the Fists of Thalmor Canonreeve Falduil
                • Fighters Guild, Velyn Harbor, first table on the left.
                • Altmer Embassy Barracks, Elden Root
                • Artaeum Armor and Vestments, Haven
                Shakra's Letter Shakra
                • Stonetooth Fortress
                Sir Edmund's Letter Sir Edmund
                • Great Hall, Firebrand Keep
                Statuary Complications
                • On a gruesome pedestal east of Fort Glademist Farm (map).
                Stormhaven Bluster Rejection Notice The Stormhaven Bluster Editorial Staff
                • Wayrest Outlaws Refuge
                Thallik's Orders Thallik Wormfather
                • Autumnshade Clearing
                The Lurching Dead Solly Gaudet
                • Gaudet Farm
                • Westtry
                The Night Mother Watches Slim-Jah
                • At a camp south of the Gray Mire
                The Sharpest Blade
                • Trolhetta
                The Three's Petition to the King The Three
                • Windridge Cave
                Thorzhul's Letter Thorzhul gro-Agluk
                • Torog's Spite
                To Captain Marck Krin Ren-dro
                • Covenant Lodge, Pa'alat
                To My Reviewer Falarel the Jester
                • Antechamber, Castle Rilis
                To the Captain of the Guard Agomar
                • Direfrost Keep
                To The Veiled Queen Sealord Malleroth Of Pyandonea
                • Just inside the entrance of the South Beacon
                Unfinished Letter
                • Cold-Moon Fine Steeds, Windhelm
                Unfinished Letter to Summerset Alanya Softpetals
                • Willowgrove
                Wansalen Tunnels
                • Ingamircil's House
                Zaban's Letter Zaban
                • On Zaban's Body, College of Aldmeri Propriety


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