Rituals and Revelations is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Rituals and Revelations Books Collection

Title Author Location
Death of Morphotypical Entities Doctor Rhythandius
    A Dance in Moonlight
    • Reliquary of Anahbi, Tomb of Anahbi
    A Distracted Enemy
    • Bonesnap Ruins
    A Midnight Ambush
    • A small camp near Moonmont
    Adeber's Journal Adeber
    • Behind the Mages Guild in Shornhelm
    Ascendancy: Pathway to Lichdom Gullveig the Ascendant
    • Lost Prospect
    Attention Moon Walkers
    • Warehouse, Aldcroft
    Bones of the Forest
    • Near the shrine of Y'ffre, Torinaan
    Book of Excellent Teachings
    • By the pond at Shad Astula
    Brief Letter to an Aldarch Kinlord Astanamo
      Broken Tusk Ritual Notes
      • Camp north of Bogmother
      Catalyst Notes Gadris
      • The Vile Laboratory
      Crow's Spell of Binding
      • Tower Undercroft, Crow's Wood
      Crumbling Breton Scroll
      • Carzog's Demise
      Dark Ritual
      • Bonestrewn Crest
      Dead Man's Drop
      • Velyn Harbor Mages Guild
      Fistalle's Note Fistalle
      • Fistalle's House, Mathiisen
      Guestbook: Rulanyil's Fall
      • Rulanyil's Fall
      How We Came to Coldharbour
      • Haj Uxith
      Interview with a Spider Cultist
      • The Ebony Flask
      • Davon's Watch Mages Guild
      Keeper of Tomes
        Keystones of Loriasel
        • Zuuk
        • White Rose Prison Dungeon
        Last of the Old Bones
        • Bone Orchard in a campsite on a table in the southeast part of the complex.
        Letter to an Aldarch Kinlord Astanmo
          Loriasel Tablet Notes
          • Laeloria
          Loriasel Tablet, Entry 1
          • Laeloria
          Loriasel Tablet, Entry 2
          • Laeloria
          Loriasel Tablet, Entry 4
          • Laeloria
          Louna's Grimoire: Corpse Cough Louna Darkblood
          • Old Kalgon's Keep
          Masterwork of the Inducer
          • Khenarthi's Roost, northeast of the Temple of the Crescent Moons
          • Khenarthi's Roost, southeast of the Temple of the Crescent Moons
          • Sea Glass Enchantments, Mistral (after quest)
          Merien Sellan's Spellbook Merien Sellan
          • Sellan House, Eagle's Brook
          Merien's Incantation Merien Sellan
          • Sellan House, Eagle's Brook
          Mysticism—The Unfathomable Voyage Tetronius Lor
            Neelo's Notes Neelo
            • Outside of Stormhold
            Nerevar Moon-and-Star
              Notes on the Mortuum Vivicus
              • Buraniim Dourstone Vault Stonefang Cavern
              On Calling the Drowned Dead Uwafa
                On Immortality Anonymous
                • Cave of Sorrows
                On Necromancy V
                  On Pircalmo's Emergency Reversal Telenger the Artificer
                  • Willowgrove
                  On Summoning Skeletons
                  • Aba-Loria
                  Powering the Dark Anchors
                  • The Black Forge
                  Practical Necromancy
                  • The corpse of Nordahl
                  Prayer to My Prince
                  • Ancient Altar
                  Rite of the Scion
                  • Given by Mistress Lamae
                  Ritual of Daedric Fortitude
                  • Druitularg's Ritual Altar
                  Ritual of Resonance
                  • Khenarthi's Roost, southwest of Temple of the Crescent Moons
                  • Khenarthi's Roost, south of Mistral
                  • Sea Glass Enchantments, Mistral (after quest)
                  Ritual of Unbinding
                  • Jathsogur
                  Scroll of Eight
                  • Fang Spires
                  Sealing the Great Serpent
                  • Serpent's Grotto
                  Sep's Kiss
                  • Hei-Halai
                  Simple Illusion Magic Ninaleon Sightbinder the First
                  • Rakhad's House, S'ren-ja
                  Star Teeth, Volume I Alanwe
                  • Crypt of Hearts II
                  Subtropical Cyrodiil: A Speculation Lady Cinnabar of Taneth
                  • Mages Guild, Daggerfall
                  • Mages Guild, Davon's Watch
                  • Mages Guild, Vulkhel Guard
                  • Northern Morrowind Gate
                  • Southern High Rock Gate
                  Summoning Gar Xuu Gar
                  • Abandoned Farm
                  Summoning Rituals (Legible) Archmage Shalidor
                    Summoning Rituals of the Arch-Mage Archmage Shalidor
                    • Inner Sea Armature
                    • Ondil
                    • Silumm
                    Tharayya's Journal, Entry 1 Tharayya
                    • Santaki
                    Tharayya's Journal, Entry 15 Tharayya
                    • Yldzuun
                    Tharayya's Journal, Entry 16 Tharayya
                    • Yldzuun
                    Tharayya's Journal, Entry 19 Tharayya
                    • Yldzuun
                    Tharayya's Journal, Entry 2 Tharayya
                    • Santaki
                    Tharayya's Journal, Entry 7 Tharayya
                    • Entrance to Aldunz
                    Tharayyas' Journal, Entry 10 Tharayya
                      The Ancient Eye Fiirenir of the Mages Guild
                      • Elanere's House, Greenwater Cove
                      • Marrayna's Tap Room, Greenwater Cove
                      The Art and the Madness v.1 The Hollow Voice
                      • Wayrest Sewers
                      The Black Year
                      • Reliquary Ruins in the Reliquary of Stars
                      The Daedric Flame Kalsius Malik
                      • The Endless Stair
                      The Dark Husband
                      • Sunscale Ruins
                      The Direfrost Flame Thorvild Direfrost
                      • Direfrost Keep
                      The Fires of Truth
                      • Near a shrine in Torinaan
                      The Fruit and the Stone
                      • The Trial of the Mind, Hissmir
                      The Interment of Feremuzh
                      • Leki's Blade
                      The Key to Projection Javad Tharn
                      • Hirraxim's House, Arenthia
                      The Knighting Ceremony
                      • Loriasel, on an altar in a southeastern alcove
                      The Obsidian Husk
                      • Fungal Grotto II
                      The Origins of Conjuration
                        The Reality of Spirits Felari-ko, Scholar of Intriguing Mysteries of Unusual Origins
                        • On a bench on the second floor of the Daggerfall Mages Guild
                        The Realm of Shadows
                        • Elden Hollow
                        The Spectral Beings
                        • Ouze
                        The Swallowed City Beredalmo the Signifier
                        • Isles of Torment
                        The Trials of Hissmir Sali-Ze, Hissmir Oblate
                        • Melil Beleth's Swamp Food, Hissmir
                        Urenenya's Lament Pelorrah, Assistant Sapiarch of Altmeri Heritage, Cloudrest Annex
                          Valamuur's Notes, Volume I Valamuur
                          • Root Sunder Ruins
                          Valamuur's Notes, Volume II Valamuur
                          • Root Sunder Ruins
                          Valamuur's Notes, Volume III Valamuur
                          • Root Sunder Ruins
                          Weapon Activation Fiirenir
                          • Greenwater Cove, near the barn where you find Scout Lorumel
                          Wenridil's Logbook Wenridil
                          • In the Marbruk Mages Guild, hidden in a pot plant
                          When the Dragon Broke Various
                          • Temple of the Ancestor Moths
                          Wind and Sand Afa-Saryat


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