Magic and Magicka is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Magic and Magicka collection.

Magic and Magicka Books Collection

Title Author Location
Arcana Restored Wapna Neustra, Praeceptor Emeritus Behind Mournhold south of the 'Mzithumz wayshrine'
Guild Memo on Soul Trapping Vanus Galerion, Archmagister Emeritus
  • Rowboat south of Ancient Altar
  • In the Fisherman's Hut west of Reliquary Ruins
Liminal Bridges Camilonwe of Alinor
  • Deshaan: Betharvel House, ON:Selfora Mabrigash Burial Circle. missing third location Grahtwood: Just east of the Altmer Embassy Near the Undaunted Enclave in Elden Root. Inside the storeroom at the Altmer Embassy Stormhaven: Cumberland Falls Due east of Norvulk Ruins, south east of Cumberland falls. Northwest of Wind Keep Wayshrine North of Wayside Inn, Wind Keep. (Opposite side to Skyshard).
Magic from the Sky Zeroli Jarol
  • Shinji's Scarp
Manual of Spellcraft  
  • Shinji's Scarp
On the Detachment of the Sheath Arch-Prelate Fervidius Tharn
  • Fisherman's Island
Proposal: Schools of Magic Gabrielle Benele, Daggerfall Mages Guild
  • Gottlesfont Priory
Reality and Other Falsehoods  
  • Dro-Dara Plantation
The Old Ways Celarus the Loremaster
  • Farmhouse west of Weeping Giant Wayshrine
  • Found in Insalubrious Effluvium
Wayshrines of Tamriel Beredalmo the Signifier
  • Burned Estate


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