Grahtwood Lore is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Grahtwood Lore collection.

Grahtwood Lore Books Collection

Title Author Location
Aurbic Enigma 4: The Elden Tree Beredalmo the Signifier
  • East of Brackenleaf
Ayleid Survivals in Valenwood Cuinur of Cloudrest, 4th Tier Scholar of Tamrielic Minutiae
  • East of Ossuary Wayshrine
  • Sacred Leap Grotto
Common Arms of Valenwood Mistral Aurelian Teriscor  
In the Company of Wood Orcs Sisarion
  • Fisherman's Isle about halfway up the eastern coast
The Book of the Great Tree    
The Devouring of Gil-Var-Delle Fastor  
The Legend of Vastarie Afwa, a Student and Friend
  • Haven
Varieties of Faith: The Khajiit Brother Mikhael Karkuxor of the Imperial College
  •  Riverhold, on a box in the South East corner of the square
Varieties of Faith: The Wood Elves Brother Mikhael Karkuxor of the Imperial College  
War Customs of the Tribal Bosmer Mistral Aurelian Teriscor
  • Northern section of The Gray Mire
  • Eastern part of The Gray Mire
  • South-west of The Gray Mire
  • East of The Gray Mire


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