Mysteries and Clues is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Mysteries and Clues Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Fourth Scrap of Parchment
  • Belarata, within the ruins in an entry alcove on the right.
A Scrap of Parchment
  • Belarata, within the ruins in an entry alcove on the right.
A Second Scrap of Parchment
  • Belarata, within the ruins in an entry alcove on the right.
A Third Scrap of Parchment
  • Belarata, within the ruins on the ground near the first right-side alcove.
An Ancient Scroll
    Battle of Falinesti
    • At a camp near Falinesti Autumn Site
    Battle of Thormar
    • At a camp near west of Willowgrove
    Black Snails Shipping Notice Captain Nisimal
    • Vos
    Bloody Note Foreman Nox
    • Vassir-Didanat Mine
    Captain Izad's Letter Captain Izad
    • In the inventory after reading The Clues, Damn Your Eyes
    Captain's Note Captain Svadstar
      Coded Message on Coin
      • Shornhelm at the base of the gargoyle fountain in front of the Castle.
      Coded Rutter
      • Crimson Cove
      Daggerfall Market Shopping List
      • Daggerfall
      Decoded Coin Message R.M.
      • Shornhelm at the base of the gargoyle fountain in front of the Castle.
      Dragon Skull Parchment
        Dwarven Writings
        • Bthzark
        Eldbjorg's Needed Ingredients Eldbjorg
        • Eldbjorg's Hideaway
        Etching on Ancient Sword
          • By the brazier near the bridge in Viridian Hideaway
          Farewell Missive Hadmal Lastblood
          • Jorunn's Stand
          First Gravestone
          • Evermore Graveyard
          Forgotten Tome
          • Mages Guild (Vulkhel Guard) after Long Lost Lore has been turned in.
          Fourth Gravestone
          • Evermore Graveyard
          Freshly-Penned Note Savarak
            Gathiel's Astrology Chart Treethane Rolon
              Gravestone Notes
                Hadmal Lastblood's Journal Hadmal Lastblood
                • Eastmarch
                Hadmal's Journal, Page 12 Hadmal Lastblood
                • Wittestadr
                Hadmal's Journal, Page 3 Hadmal Lastblood
                • Jorunn's Stand
                Hadmal's Journal, Page 7 Hadmal Lastblood
                • Windhelm
                Heirloom Vase Ganwen
                • Tomb of the Apostates
                • Tall Trunk Tavern, after the quest
                How the Locks Work
                • Labyrinth, The Endless Stair
                Kuralit's Clue
                    Letter to Savarak N
                      List of Names
                      • Placed in inventory on accepting Final Blows
                      Mendreval's Clue
                        Mine Foreman's Log
                        • The Triple Circle Mine
                        Missing Citizens
                        • South of Dawnbreak at the fork in the road.
                          My Golden Child
                          • Census and Excise Office, Seyda Neen (After quest)
                          • Tree near Cherishes-Water's pond, Seyda Neen (map)
                          Note from Thulvald's Logging Camp Jafelma
                          • The Tree's Bounty, Windhelm
                          Palith Note Rolancano
                          • Quendeluun
                          • Quendeluun Wayshrine, when the quest is finished it appears at the bottom of the steps
                          Pierced Note
                          • Redoran Kinhouse
                          Princess Urenenya's Letter Princess Urenenya
                            Remnants of Cyrod
                            • Reliquary Vault
                            Rilding's Clue
                              Ripped and Discarded Page
                              • Library of Dusk
                              • Hollow City, Fighters' Guild
                              Second Gravestone
                              • Evermore Graveyard
                              Talqua's Clue
                                The Book of Memories
                                • Ilmyris
                                The Clues, Damn Your Eyes Captain Izad
                                • In an unearthed chest near a shipwreck just southwest of Saintsport
                                The Ebon Mage
                                  The Fires Guide the Way
                                    The Hidden Key Salianna
                                    • Lorkrata Hills, central ruined tower
                                    The Hidden Twilight
                                    • Inner Sea Armature
                                    • Ondil (map)
                                    • Silumm
                                    The Lost Warrior
                                      The Mage's Cipher
                                      • Given by Llotha Nelvani during A Grave Matter
                                      The Thief's Luck
                                      • Abamath
                                      The Time Is Now
                                      • Spinner Caerllin's Home, Silvenar
                                      The Time Is Past
                                      • Spinner Dothriel's Home, Silvenar
                                      The Time Will Come
                                      • Spinner Einrel's Home, Silvenar
                                      The Winds of Change
                                      • Inner Sea Armature
                                      • Ondil
                                      • Silumm
                                      Third Gravestone
                                      • Evermore Graveyard
                                      Translated Ayleid Texts
                                        Unfinished Report
                                        • Governor's Quarters, Seyda Neen (map)
                                        Untold Legends
                                        • Inner Sea Armature
                                        • Ondil
                                        • Silumm
                                        Unwelcome Visitors
                                        • Mistral, upstairs in the warehouse next to Old Sawdust Mill
                                        • on the ground near to the Mistral Wayshrine after the quest
                                        Valeric's Journal Valeric
                                        • Valeric's Manor, Wittestadr
                                        Watchtower Ledger Sergeant Duren
                                        • Watchtower north of Dhalmora
                                          Yokudan Hawk Enigma
                                          • Qharroa Ruins
                                          Yokudan Man and Beast Enigma
                                          • Qharroa Ruins
                                          Yokudan Mother and Son Enigma
                                          • Qharroa Ruins
                                          Zuzik's Clue


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