Criminal Correspondence is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Criminal Correspondence Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Letter to the Mayor
  • Velyn Harbor
A Perfect Score Hundred-Scales
  • Shadowfen, southwest of White Rose Prison [1]
A Smuggler's Plan
  • Right at the entrance of The Aquifer
A Word to the Wise H
  • Ranabi's stall, west of Speckled Shell Plantation
About the Boss
  • Portdun Watch
Articles of the Sakkr-al-Behr
    Azum's Journal Azum
    • Hadran's Caravan
    Bashshi-ra Inquiry
    • Woodhearth, on the shore northeast of Selandilwen (map)
    Bjoulsae Boys Charter Curnard the Generous
    • Viridian Watch
    Black Dagger Recall Orders Hegris the Black Dagger
    • Cyrodiil, in a Black Dagger Camp south of Sejanus Outpost.
    Broken Helm Notes
    • Broken Helm Hollow
    Burnt Note Advisor Norion
    • Valano Manor, Silsailen
    Camandar's Journal Camandar
    • Bewan
    Captain Lagra's Ledger Thibel Fairclerk
    • Lagra's Pearl, on a desk sternside in the captain's quarters
    Confessions of a Khajiiti Fur Trader
      Confessions of a Skooma Eater
        Cover Every Approach The Hound
        • River Edge
        Curnard's Journal Curnard the Generous
        • Viridian Watch
        Dealing with Quitters
        • Orc's Finger Ruins, center of the northern-most wall on an altar
        Deckhand's Log
        • Blackheart Haven
        Digging Orders Camandar
        • Bewan
        Don't Mess This Up
        • Farangel's Delve
        End of My Patience Krin Ren-dro
        • Hidden Moon Brewing, Dune
        • Pa'alat
        Excuses Don't Buy Mansions C
        • Elden Root Outlaws Refuge, behind Badali in the tent.
        Fjar's Interrogation Transcript
        • The Lion's Den
        Flyleaf Catacombs
        • Flyleaf Catacombs
        Fool! T
        • Gjarma's Rock
        For Mathal Enak-do
        • Kalari's House, S'ren-ja
        For the Doyen, Sleek Splendid-Paws Lithyyorion
        • Evermore Outlaws Refuge, north of the Moneylender on the mat by Lithyyorion
        Get Back to Work
        • Portdun Watch
        Gilded Letter Canonreeve Valano
        • Valano Manor
        Gold Coast Missive
        • Baandari Trading Post
        Greetings from the Orcthane Fildgor Orcthane
        • Swiftblade's Camp
        Harrani's Report Harrani
        • The Chancery, Mistral
        Hidden-Hands' Journal Hidden-Hands
        • Hidden-Hands's Hut, Hissmir
        Hizrabi's Report Hizrabi-do
        • The Waxing Crescent
        Hope and Recriminations
        • Farangel's Delve
        Ilessan Tower T
        • Northwest of Deleyn's Mill Wayshrine at the fork in the road
        In the Event of Your Demise Advisor Norion
        • Slightlty northwest of the Inner Tanzelwil exit in Glenumbra near a broken wall.
        Instructions for Placement Advisor Norion
        • On a cliff, overlooking the beach soutwest of the Tanzelwil map marker.
        It's the Hunt that Counts Severus Tappo
        • Cyrodiil, North of the Northern Imperial gate on a bed with Thaellin (after completing the “The List” quest)
        Ithis Omalor's Orders Magistrix Vox
        • Mzithumz
        Journal of Garron Investigator Garron
        • Wayrest Sewers I
        Khajiiti Note Arbhu-ra
        • Just southeast of the entrance to the Lost City of the Na-Totambu
        Last Warning, Cat CTB
        • Speckled Shell Plantation
        Letter from Rakhad Rakhad
        • Rakhad's House, S'ren-ja
        Letter to Agnor
        • Dock Warehouse, Wayrest in the lower level room with Gwenuinas
        Letter to Ando
        • Crosswych, in the open-front warehouse southeast of the Stables.
        Letter to Dhalen Fildgor Orcthane
        • Jarl's Manor, Fort Amol
        Letter to Skull-Brother Xandier Emutaril
        • Riften Outlaws Refuge
        Letter to Zurga gra-Murtag Grazubesha gra-Murag
        • Belkarth Outlaws Refuge
        Lockpick Sales-Duty SP
        • Marbruk Outlaws Refuge
        Message to Jena Marcellus
        • Near Sejanus Tower, south of Niben Basin Dolmen (map)
        • On the floor of Jena Colus's house by the stairs, Cheydinhal (after completing Spoils of War)
        Nellor's Bandit Connection Merdyndril
          No Reason to Worry R
          • Hazak's Lair inside Hazak's Hollow
          Nobility in Theft Zizar-dar
          • Redfur Trading Post
          Notable Transactions Rinfir-jo
          • Ren-dro Mansion, Pa'alat
          Note from Captain Accalia Captain Accalia
          • Fort Sphinxmoth
          Note from Khezuli's Contact Quartermaster Oblan
          • Mages Guild, Haven
          Note from Sagabar Bailiff Sagabar
          • Gavendien House, Fell's Run
          Note on Broken Crate Merdyndril
          • Narsis, north side of Seron Denelu's Home
          Note to Darius Captain Accalia
          • Fort Sphinxmoth
          Note to Gilbard Ferrand
          • Gilbard's Nook
          Note to Pellus Captain Accalia
          • Fort Sphinxmoth
          Note to Rufinus
          • Small camp north of Baandari Trading Post
          Note to Selias Tervur Sadri
          • North of Darkshade Caverns
          Notes on Bewan
          • Mages Guild, Skywatch
          Orders are Orders
          • Jathsogur, south near Mulgu on a banquet table.
          Orders from the Chief
          • Town Hall, Velyn Harbor
          Recruiting a Ranger Krin Ren-dro
          • Ren-dro Mansion, Pa'alat
          Red Rook Orders
          • Ilessan Tower
          Red Rook Orders: Cryptwatch
          • Cryptwatch Fort
          Red Rook's Journal
          • On a tree stub southwest of the Red Rook Camp
          • Silsailen, directly north of the map marker behind the northern-most house.
          Resources for Lukiul Naril Heleran
          • Pact Lodge, Pa'alat
          Skooma Runner Logs
          • Claw's Strike here and here
          Sphinxmoth Bandit Leader's Notes
          • Fort Sphinxmoth
          Taking Tolls!
          • Cyrodiil, northwest of Southern Morrowind Gate at the base of a bridge
          Tattered Note Zendrinn
          • Inner Sea Armature
          Telvanni Requirements Llarel Telvanni
          • The Bloody Scupper, Koeglin Lighthouse
          The Dose Makes the Poison Zanziba the Clever
          • Sentinel Outlaws Refuge
          The Five Tenets
          • Inside Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
          The Ghost is Our Friend Skull-Mother Fairynn
          • Riften Outlaws Refuge
          The Interrogation of Henghild Garmath the Bold
            The Perfect Batch
            • Speckled Shell Plantation
            Tsanji's Ship Records Tsanji
            • Tsanji's Hideout, Alten Corimont
            Unlabeled Notes
            • Cat's Eye Quay, within an open crate in a building on stilts north of the map marker.
            Warning: I Heard You! Camandar
            • Bewan
            Watch Your Back
            • Portdun Watch
            We Expect Absolute Discretion
            • Port Hunding Docks, on the western-most dock's east side behind some vases.
            Your Final Chance G.


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