Dungeon Lore is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Dungeon Lore collection.

Dungeon Lore Books Collection

Title Author Location
Arx Corinium: First Seed Report Centurion Pontius
  • Arx Corinium
Burning Vestige, Vol. I Warlock Endil
  • City of Ash I
Civility and Etiquette V. 5: Undead Coristir
  • Blackheart Haven
Civility and Etiquette: Wood Orcs I Coristir, Sage Sojourner
  • Elden Hollow
  • Muck Valley Cavern
Josef the Intolerant Ilitha
  • Blessed Crucible
Soul-Trapping I: An Introduction Warlock Elinyon
  • Selene's Web
Tempest Island Briefing
  • Tempest Island
The Art of Kwama Egg Cooking Belami Llevarso
  • Darkshade Caverns
  • Docks of Holamayan Monastery (map)
The Binding Stone The Office of the Canonreeve of Corrections
  • The Banished Cells
The Thief God's Treasures Wafaruz the Veracious Spitter
  • Bloodmayne Cave
  • Crypt of Hearts
  • South of Ko Estaran (Hew's Bane)(map)
  • Forebear's Junction (Hew's Bane)
  • North of Prince Hew's Shuttered Tomb (map)
  • South-West of Zeht's Displeasure Wayshrine (map)
  • South-West of The Lost Pavilion
To All Who Pass Through Dutheil
  • Vaults of Madness
To Posterity Hafara
  • Direfrost Keep
War Weather
  • Tempest Island
Wayrest Sewers: A Short History Hilaire Beanique
  • Wayrest Sewers
What is Volendrung? Gurour
  • Volenfell
Where Magical Paths Meet Warlock Aldaale
  • Spindleclutch I
With Regards to the Ebony Blade
  • Fungal Grotto I


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