Personal Journals is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Personal Journals Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Daughter's Journal
  • Pixot's House, Southpoint
Aicaano's Journal Aicaano
  • Hackdirt
Albus' Journal Albus, White Rose Prison Guard
  • White Rose Prison
Altmeri Overseer's Journal
  • Toothmaul Gully
Aminyas' Journal Aminyas
  • Sunken Road
An Exile's Notes
  • Crypt of the Exiles
Arch-Mage's Journal Arch-Mage Valeyn
  • Arch-Mage's Office, Shad Astula
Argonian Journal Pages
  • Gandranen Ruins
  • Chid-Moska Ruins
Aronel's Journal Aronel Fanim
  • Pinepeak Cavern
Arrai's Journal Arrai
  • Vulkwasten
Bleakrock Fisherman's Journal
  • Paddlefloe Fishing Camp
Cadwell's Journal: Deep Thoughts, Part 412 Sir Cadwell
  • Colharbour in a hourse on the Forsaken Village map marker
Calo's Journal Calo
  • Cragwallow Cave
Captain Alphaury's Journal Captain Alphaury
  • The Moonless Walk
Curano's Journal Curano
  • Mzeneldt
Drillk's Journal Drillk
  • Drillk's House, Zuuk
Drivas' Journal (Partial) Drivas
  • Bthzark
Drublog Shaman's Journal Drublog Shaman
  • Near Spinner Sandaenion following the quest
Eislef's Journal Eislef Frostmoon
  • Frostmoon Farmhouse, Frostmoon Farmstead
Famous Coldharbourites, Part 14 Sir Cadwell
  • Aba-Darre
Famous Coldharbourites, Part 21 Sir Cadwell
  • Duriatundur's Killing Field
Famous Coldharbourites, Part 37 Sir Cadwell
  • Daedroth Larder
Firuin's Journal Firuin
    Gabrielle Benele's Journal Gabrielle Benele
    • On a log between Merovec's Folly and Gaudet Farm
    Gamwyn's Journal Gamwyn
      Henri's Journal Henri Marceau
      • Bonestrewn Crest
      Hjurring's Last Seed Journal Hjurring
      • Hall of the Dead
      Huvar's Journal Huvar
      • Inside the Keeper's Home in Kynesgrove
      Imperial Refugee's Journal
      • Outside Bloodmayne Cave
      Irgnar's Journal Irgnar
      • At a pond near Smokefrost Peaks Dolmen
      Ithisa's Journal Ithisa
      • Darkshade Caverns
      Jofnir's Journal Jofnir Iceblade
      • Jofnir's Quarters, Vulkwasten
      Journal of a Z'en Priest Spinner Sandaenion
      • Northwest of Bloodtoil Valley
      • Near Spinner Sandaenion following the quest
      Journal of Arrai Arrai
      • Shael Ruins
      Journal of Bernamot the Great Bernamot the Great
      • Abagarlas
      Journal of Habbert Unsinett Habbert Unsinett, Senior Archivist and Researcher
      • Dresan Keep
      Journal of Magiul Shiana Magiul Shiana
      • Tomb of Lost Kings
      Journal of Master Pellingare Master Pellingare
      • Wayrest Sewers II
      Journal of Priestess Aranwen Priestess Aranwen
      • Tanzelwil
      Journal of Skorvild Frostwind Skorvild Frostwind
      • Skorvild's House, Lower Yorgrim
      Journal of Tsona-Ei, Part Four Tsona-Ei
      • Golden Era Hold, The Lost Fleet
      Journal of Tsona-Ei, Part One Tsona-Ei
      • Captain One-Eye's camp, The Lost Fleet
      Journal of Tsona-Ei, Part Three Tsona-Ei
      • Wreck of the Bonnie Spriggan, The Lost Fleet
      Journal of Tsona-Ei, Part Two Tsona-Ei
      • Wreck of the Winsome Lass, The Lost Fleet
      Keeper Ormi's Journal Keeper Ormi
      • Outside an abandoned house in eastern Kynesgrove
      Khajiit's Lost Journal Page
      • Jode's Light
      Khorshina's Journal Khorshina
      • Evermore Outlaws Refuge, on the bar next to a keg near the Merchant Khorshina
      Krisandra Edrald's Journal, Vol. 1 Krisandra Edrald
        Krisandra Edrald's Journal, Vol. 2 Krisandra Edrald
          Krisandra Edrald's Journal, Vol. 3 Krisandra Edrald
            Lady Llarel's Journal Lady Llarel
            • Lady Llarel's Shelter
            Lanath's Journal Lanath
            • Mzeneldt
            Lorogdu's Journal Lorogdu
            • Torog's Spite
            Martha's Journal Martha the Wench
            • Blackheart Haven
            Mathor's Journal Mathor
            • Captain Rana's Office, Bleakrock Village
            Matthiaume's Journal Matthiaume
            • Flyleaf Catacombs
            Mercano's Journal Mercano
            • Naril Nagaia
            • Woodhearth, Thalmor Headquarters.
            Miruin's Journal Miruin Woodwalker
            • Erokii Ruins
            Moldy Journal
            • Treehenge
            Morgaulle Dechery's Journal Morgaulle Dechery
            • Sunken Road
            My Journal The Frozen Man
            • Orkey's Hollow
            My Kwama Journal, Page 1 Kwama Queen
            • Deepcrag Den
            My Kwama Journal, Page 2 Kwama Queen
            • Deepcrag Den
            Nahirah's Journal Nahirah
            • Nahirah's House, Satakalaam
            Naril Nagaia Journal
              Nettira's Journal Nettira
              • Mal Sorra's Tomb
              • After Quest:The Shining Star
              Nord Soldier's Journal
              • Fort Morvunskar
              Northern Heartlands Journal
                Ofglog's Journal Ofglog gro-Barkbite
                • Forsaken Hamlet
                Oiarah's Journal Private Oiarah
                • Aldcroft
                Old Drublog Journal Drublog
                • Near Spinner Sandaenion following the quest
                Oodegu's Journal—Keep Out! Oodegu
                • Hightide Hollow
                Ophelia's Journal Ophelia Ceirans
                • Bonestrewn Crest
                Ralion's Journal, Day 132 Ralion
                • South of Windshriek Strand
                Ralion's Journal, Day 147 Ralion
                  Ralion's Journal, Day 149 Ralion
                    Ralion's Journal, Day 151 Ralion
                      Rigurt's Journal Rigurt the Brash
                      • Mournhold
                      Rothondothrin's Journal Rothondothrin
                      • House, Firsthold
                      Salvager's Torn Journal
                      • In a bandit camp, north of Rid-Thar's Solace
                      Scrap of Storgh's Journal Storgh
                      • Vinedeath Cave
                      Second Khajiiti Journal Page
                      • Jode's Light
                      Second Scrap of Adubaer's Journal Adubaer-sa
                      • Bthzark
                      Shadowscale's Journal
                      • Stormhold Guild Hall, Stormhold
                      Shagora's Journal Shagora
                      • Kulati Mines
                      Sir Hughes' Journal Sir Hughes
                      • Home of Sir Hughes, Alcaire Castle
                      Still-Water's Journal Stands-In-Still-Water
                      • Still-Water's Camp
                      The Journal of Darien Gautier Darien Gautier
                      • Ruined House, Camlorn
                      The Journal of Indring the Patient Indring the Patient
                      • Halls of Ichor
                      The Journal of Vivien Armene Vivien Armene
                        Third Khajiiti Journal Page
                        • Jode's Light
                        Tinkerer Tobin's Big Book of Crafting Recipes Tinkerer Tobin
                        • Tinkerer Tobin's Workshop
                        Toadstool Hollow Journal
                        • Toadstool Hollow
                        Tree-Minder's Journal Tree-Minder Raleetal
                        • Bogmother
                        Ulf's Torn Journal Ulf the Bleaker
                        • Bleaker's Way
                        Valasha's Journal Valasha
                        • Mzeneldt
                        Vastarie's Journal Vastarie
                          Vol's Journal Vol Swift-Lift
                          • Wayrest Outlaws Refuge
                          White Rose Guard's Journal
                          • White Rose Prison
                          Yenadar's Journal Yenadar
                          • Jode's Light
                          Zaban-ma's Journal Zaban-ma
                          • House west of Speckled Shell Plantation


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