Military Orders and Reports is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Military Orders and Reports Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Warning from Zimmeron Grand Warlord Zimmeron
  • Northern Morrowind Gate
Aldmeri Scouting Efforts Grand Warlord Sorcalin
  • Eastern Elsweyr Gate
Ayleid Ruin Exploration Orders General Khamagash
  • Piukanda
Barrow Trench Scout's Report
    Beware the Shadowscales
      Blue Road Scout Notes
      • Southwest of Belda
      Bounty Order from Sorcalin Grand Warlord Sorcalin
        Bridge Guard's Complaint
        • The Lion's Den
        By Order of Faolchu Faolchu
        • The Wolf's Camp
        Captain Izard's Orders Captain Izard
          Captain's Orders Countess Eselde Tamrith
          • Camp Tamrith
          Chastisement from Zimmeron Grand Warlord Zimmeron
          • Northern Morrowind Gate
          Cipius' Orders Septima Tharn
          • Bjoulsae Queen
          Commendation Letter General Vayne Redoran
          • A watchtower north of Dhalmora
          Concerning Garick Sergeant Samis
          • The Lion's Den
          Conquer Cyrodiil for the Pact! High King Jorunn
          • Northern Morrowind Gate
          Contract Scroll General Serien
          • Hozzin's Folly, in the westernmost building outside the mine
          Corpse Garden Mission
          • The Corpse Garden
          Dark Elf Dispatch Lob the Cleaver
          • Cradlecrush
          Directive to Centurion Bodenius Septima Tharn
            Dominion Agent's Report
            • Mudshallow Cave
            Dominion Condolences Captain Eldiniran
            • Northern Hut in Elden Root
            Dominion Intelligence Topsheet
            • Ren-dro Mansion, Pa'alat
            Dominion Military Recruitment Grand Warlord Sorcalin
              Dominion Orders
              • Silumm
              Dominion Orders: Enduum
              • Enduum
              Dominion Soldier's Journal: Zuuk
              • Zuuk
              Dominion Troops General Order 719a
              • Camp Merciful Reduction
              Drago's Orders King Renwic
              • Carzog's Demise
              Eagle Hunter: Against the Dominion
              • On a wagon in the middle of North Beacon
              Erokii Relics
              • Erokii Ruins
              Establish Watchposts Captain Priscus
                Forged Second Cohort Orders Captain Helenus
                • Old Tower
                Gate Procedures Lob the Cleaver
                • Cradlecrush
                General Conele's Orders General Alexandra Conele
                • Softloam Cavern (map)
                General Gavryn's Declaration General Gavryn Redoran
                • Redoran Pier
                General Redoran's Dispatch General Gavryn Redoran
                • Tal'Deic Fortress
                General Serien's Orders General Serien
                • North of Fort Arand
                General's Order 12008 General Gavryn Redoran
                • Tal'Deic Keep, Tal'Deic Fortress
                Get it Done, Conele General Serien
                • Dagger's Point Invasion Camp
                Glenumbria: Alessian Orders
                  Guard Duty
                  • Jorunn's Stand
                  Heading to Imperial City Martinus
                  • Dagger's Point Invasion Camp
                  • Lake Mist Ruins
                  Imperial Recall Orders Captain Virgilus
                  • West of Cloud Ruler Temple
                  Information Request from Emeric Emeric
                  • Southern High Rock Gate
                  Jardirr's Commendation Holgunn
                    Knights of the Gleaming Blade Lateesh
                    • Library of Dusk
                    • Labyrinth, The Endless Stair
                    Legionary's Journal
                    • Crimson Cove
                    Letter to Rana General Vayne Redoran
                    • Captain Rana's Office, Bleakrock Village
                    Log of the Intractable
                    • Under steps on Xanmeer in Sunscale Strand
                    Mammoth Duty Lob the Cleaver
                    • Cradlecrush
                    Maormer Memo Heculoa
                    • Maormer Invasion Camp
                    Memo to Captain Siro Septima Tharn
                    • Crimson Cove
                    Military Deployment Across Auridon Battlemage Sinien
                    • Quendeluun
                    • Quendeluun Wayshrine, when the quest is finished it appears at the bottom of the steps
                    Missive from Cyrodiil Javad Tharn
                      Ne Salas: Need Reinforcements Thaendil
                      • Haven, on a bench near Plentiful Packs
                      Note from Captain Dunveril Captain Dunveril
                      • Vanguard Barracks, Kragenmoor
                      Note to Lt. Stenric
                      • The Lion's Den
                      Notice of Honorable Discharge
                      • Saltwalker Militia Camp
                      Official Missive from Holgunn Holgunn
                        Order of Battle
                        • South of Shattered Shoals on a wrecked boat
                        Orders from a Knightly Order Knight-Commander Varaine
                        • Martyr's Crossing
                        Orders from General Endare General Endare
                        • East of Falinesti Winter Site
                        Orders to Halskar Fildgor Orcthane
                        • Barracks, Fort Morvunskar
                        Orders: Steelheart Moorings
                          Pact Recruitment Grand Warlord Zimmeron
                          • Southern Morrowind Gate
                          Prince Aiden's Report Prince Aiden Direnni
                            Progress Inquiry: Cyrodiil Queen Ayrenn
                            • Eastern Elsweyr Gate
                            Protocols of Propriety, Order Seven Legate Calevarnel
                              Public Notice of Promotion General Gavryn Redoran
                              • Tal'Deic Keep, Tal'Deic Fortress
                              Regarding the Hall Septima Tharn
                                Request Denied
                                • Loriasel
                                Sanctuary: Final Assessment
                                  Sanctuary: Weapons Report
                                    Scout Meera's Report Scout Meera
                                    • Hightide Hollow
                                    Scout Report: Arx Corinium
                                    • Mages Guild, Hissmir
                                    Scroll of Banishment Lord General Averos
                                    • Skyshroud Barrow, main chamber, on an altar
                                    Sealed Orders (opened) Gekurek
                                    • Shroud Hearth Barrow
                                    Second Cohort Orders Captain Helenus
                                      Septima Tharn's Leadership Maxims Magus-General Septima Tharn
                                      • On a cart at the lake east of Martyr's Crossing
                                      Serien's Additional Orders General Serien
                                      • North of Fort Arand
                                      Serien's Further Orders General Serien
                                      • North of Fort Arand
                                      Special Advisors Captain Siro
                                      • Crimson Cove
                                      Stormfist Scout Orders Lob the Cleaver
                                      • Cradlecrush
                                      Stormreeve Neidir's Orders Stormreeve Neidir
                                        Supplementary Orders Captain Rela
                                        • Wansalen
                                        Tanval's Directive Tanval Indoril
                                        • Vanguard Barracks, Kragenmoor
                                        The Lamia Threat Underil
                                        • Loriasel
                                        These Damned Cats
                                        • Hirraxim's House, Arenthia
                                        Time is of the Essence
                                        • Elden Hollow I
                                        To Delay Means Death Captain Virgilus
                                        • Imperial camp southwest of Bleaker's Outpost
                                        To the Captain
                                        • Vanguard Barracks, Kragenmoor
                                        Updated Instructions from Dortene Grand Warlord Dortene
                                        • Southern High Rock Gate
                                        Urcelmo's Supplemental Orders Battlereeve Urcelmo
                                        • Soulfire Plateau
                                        War Reports for Queen and Thalmor Grand Warlord Sorcalin
                                          Warning to Jardirr Melril
                                            Weapon and Armor Care Notes the Office of the Quartermaster
                                            • Mara's Kiss Public House, Vulkhel Guard
                                            • Camp Silken Snare
                                            • Tarvynil's House, Stormhold
                                            Your Final Opportunity Major Fidenas


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