Houses, Shops, and Trade is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Houses, Shops, and Trade Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Cyrodilic Merchant's Lament
  • East of Kingscrest Cavern, in front of a tent in a burned camp (map)
A Merchant's Guide to Valenwood
  • Outside the entrance to the Old Merchant Tunnel in Driladan Pass
A Subtler Brew
  • Four Quarry Islet (map)
A Treatise on the Knot
  • Alten Corimont
Academy Supplies
  • By the docks near Shad Astula
Aera's Household Notes Aera Earth-Turner
  • Earth-Turner House, Bleakrock Village
Amethyst Mining in the Alik'r Ezdwelen al-Rihad
  • On a crate outside the Kulati Mines
  • Sentinel
An Easy Assignment Surii Dreth
  • Mud Tree Mine
Apothecary's Ledger Valashi
  • The Hissing Phial in Mistral
  • On the ground near to the Mistral Wayshrine after the quest
Appointments for the Thane Boren the Precise
  • Thane Mera's House, Windhelm
Armament Inventory
  • Mathiisen Forge, Mathiisen
Aunt Anela's Cookbook Aunt Anela
  • Forongon's House, Vulkwasten
Barkbite Stronghold Shaman's List Barkbite Stronghold's Shaman
  • Reman's Bluff, inside main building
  • Firsthold
Churasu's Alchemy Journal Churasu
  • Churasu's Hut, Silent Mire
Concerns, Petitions, Complaints
  • Crestshade, in a ruined tower east of the Chapel Crypts
Contract with House Diel Lord Alain Diel
  • Miltrin's Fishing Cabin
Contracts and Bounties Hoknir
  • Trading Hall of Bleakrock, Bleakrock Village
Damar's Ledger Damar
  • Yanurah's Respite
Deleyn's Mill Order Form Morric Miller
  • Inside the lumbermill at Deleyn's Mill
Delivery Schedule and Manifests
  • Viridian Watch
Deregor's Lost Goods Deregor
  • Port Hunding, below the decks of the Spearhead behind a crate
  • Saintsport, near the docks leading to Captain Helane's ship
Distribution Notes
  • Kalari's House, S'ren-ja
Donolon Bakes Chef Donolon
  • Salted Wings Tavern
  • The Rosy Lion, on the end of bar near Xavier
  • The Watch House
Eiman's Fishy Secrets Eiman
  • Eiman and Rolunda's House, Bleakrock Village
Enak-do's Ledger Enak-do
  • Kalari's House, S'ren-ja
Enthoras' Journal Enthoras
  • Northwest of Elden Root, on a terrace near the fork in the road
Factor Luluelle's Report Lacherie Luluelle
  • Wayrest Docks, Wayrest
  • Wayrest Treasury
Fishing Camp Checklist
  • Lower Yorgrim
Gavo's Itinerary Centurion Gavo
  • Agapitus' House, Arenthia
Gray Mire Tribal Leadership
  • At the Aldmeri Dominion camp outside of The Gray Mire
Grida's Note Grida Meadmoon
  • Darkwater Apothecary, Darkwater Crossing
Guild Contract: Spindleclutch
  • Farwatch Tower
House Hlaalu Philosophy of Trade
  • Sadri House, Narsis, ground floor, first room, on a pile of books in front of an upturned bookcase.
  • Hlaalu Kinhouse, Narsis, ground floor, main room, on a table next to the safebox.
How To Prepare Slaughterfish
  • South Beacon
Inventory (Confidential)
  • Toothmaul Gully
Kerthor's Supply List Kerthor Wood-Hewer
    Khajiiti Merchant's Invoice
      Kotholl's Contract Dirngar Hlaalu
      • Next to the road near Old Kalgon's Keep
      • Obsidian Gorge
      Kwama Egg Omelet
      • Lady Llarel's Shelter
      Kwama Egg Quiche
        Kwama Shipment Manifest
        • The Flaming Nix, Mournhold
        Laughing Moons Ledger
        • Juranda-ra's House, Laughing Moons Plantation
        Lessuns Lerned Garding Caravans Big Dhorlun
        • Captain Wardush's Camp west of Old Tower
        Letter of Understanding Leidela Black-Briar
        • Pa'alat
        Mages Guild Authorization
        • Elden Hollow I
        Mathiisen Forge Inventory
        • Mathiisen
        • Firsthold
        Meat for Soup
        • Screaming Mermaid, Port Hunding
        Molag Mar Tax Records
        • Pulk
        Northglen Farm Opportunities Marge Gaercroft
        • The Stalls, Evermore
        • Home of Vitache Donze, Northglen
        On the Brewing of Dark Meat Beer Anonymous Bosmeri Brewer
        • Skywatch
        • Fighters Guild, Velyn Harbor
        Pay Up, Enak Rakhad
        • Kalari's House, S'ren-ja
        Pending Orders
        • Voljar's Meadery
        Pircalmo's Shopping List Pircalmo
        • Willowgrove
        Promissory Note
        • Coldrock Diggings
        Provision Requests
        • Velyn Harbor
        Quartermaster's Report
        • Mud Tree Mine
        Receipt for Arcane Tomes Lady Cinnabar of Taneth
        • The Mystic's Mirage, Sentinel
        Recipe for Horker Pie
        • Sweetbreeze Cottage
        Roost Smuggler's Ledger
        • Wind Tunnels (Khenarthi's Roost), on a bed in the west chamber
        • After the quest, near to the quest turn-in location, north end of Cat's Eye Quay
        Sadrith Mora Tax Records
        • Pulk
        Sea Amri Shipping Manifest
        • On Beach near Jode's Pocket, Malabal Tor
        Seafood Supper
        • Zuuk
        Set List
        • Sweetbreeze Cottage
        Silvenar Manifest
        • In a warehouse in Velyn Harbor
        Silver Crawdad Surprise
        • Toothmaul Gully
        Small Meals, Fast Meals Runs-in-Wild
        • Bleakrock Trading Hall Merchants, Bleakrock Village
        Stibbons' Qharroa Checklist Stibbons
        • Qharroa Ruins
        Strakes and Futtocks Curly Lainlyn, Master Shipwright
        • Tava's Blessing
        Supplies and Sundries Darj the Hunter
        • Snow-Bourne House, Bleakrock Village
        Supplies for the Delve Kuna
        • Near Kuna, Rawl'kha
        • Zetisha's Tack and Tackle, Arenthia
        The Buying Game Ababael Timsar-Dadisun
          The Handfast Song List
          • Minstrel camp outside Silvenar, directly east of the Chancel of Divine Entreaty
          The Hind-Quarters Registry
          • Cat's Eye Quay, in a building to the north
          The Holy Wamasu: Care and Feeding
          • Atanaz Ruins
          The Tava's Bounty Ledger
          • Koeglin Village, Stormhaven
          The Toothmaul Contract
          • Toothmaul Gully
          Things to Do
          • Outside Firsthold Mages Guild
          To Grandmaster Sees-All-Colors Darj the Hunter
          • Captain Rana's Office, Bleakrock Village
          Tryn's Smithing Notes Trynhild Earth-Turner
          • Earth-Turner House, Bleakrock Village
          Valyia's Cargo Manifest Valyia
          • Obsidian Gorge
          Vital Records, 2E 541—2E 542
            Voljar's Meadery Recipes Voljar
            • Voljar's Meadery
            Vos Tax Records
            • Pulk
            What a Pig Needs Swineherd Francois Wickton
            • North of the Daggerfall Mages Guild
            Windhelm Shipping Manifest
            • Blackheart Haven


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