Bangkorai Lore is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Bangkorai Lore collection.

Bangkorai Lore Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Life Barbaric and Brutal Arthenice Belloq
  • Jackdaw Cove
Aspects of Lord Hircine Juno Procillus, Academy of Chorrol
  • Northglen
Bangkorai, Shield of High Rock King Eamond
  • Viridian Woods
Living with Lycanthropy  
  • East of Evermore
The Glenmoril Wyrd Lady Cinnabar of Taneth  
The Legend of Fallen Grotto  
  •  Evermore Harbor Launch
The Posting of the Hunt  
  • Surrounding Silaseli Ruins
The True-Told Tale of Hallin, Pt. 1 Prince Fahara'jad
  • Halcyon Lake
The True-Told Tale of Hallin, Pt. 2  
  • Jackdaw Cove
The Viridian Sentinel  
  • Northwest of Evermore


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