Daedric Cults is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Daedric Cults Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Discarded Missive
  • Skywatch Manor, Skywatch
A Final Appeal War Chief Helushk
  • Stillrise Village
A Memory Book, Part 1
  • Downstairs in the Redguard manor in Maelstrom
A Memory Book, Part 2
  • Upstairs in the Redguard manor in Maelstrom
A Memory Book, Part 3 Fa-Nuit-Hen
  • Maelstrom Arena
A Promise Made Gasparien
    A Tally of Villagers
    • Narsis Ruins, Narsis
    About Mercy Gruznak the Impatient
      Apocrypha, Apocrypha
        Arkay the Enemy KW
        • Thane's Manor, Fullhelm Fort
        Bisnensel: Our Ancient Roots Scholasticus Incognitus
          Bloodthorn Orders
          • Mines of Khuras
          Bloodthorn Orders: Ebon Crypt
          • Ebon Crypt
          Boethiah and Her Avatars
          • Cradlecrush
          Boethiah's Glory
          • A number of locations, among these Shatul Range
          Daedra Dossier: The Titans Denogorath the Dread Archivist
          • Veteran City of Ash
          • Temple Hideout (Temple District, Imperial City)
          • Elven Gardens District
          Daedra Worship: The Ayleids Phrastus of Elinhir
          • Monastic Lodge, Weynon Priory
          Daedra Worship: The Chimer Phrastus of Elinhir
          • Hrotanda Vale
          Dark Contract Thallik Wormfather
          • Nimalten
          Dream of a Thousand Dreamers
            Dreamers Our Time Has Come
              Drusilla's Notes Drusilla
              • To the left of the entrance to Moriseli
              Glorious Upheaval Thendaramur Death-Blossom
              • Irrigation Tunnels
              Graccus' Journal, Volume I Graccus
              • The Vile Manse, on a bed in the house that sits on top of the cellar dungeon.
              Hald's Interrogation Transcript
              • The Lion's Den
              Here to Stay
              • The City of Ash
              Hilka's Interrogation Transcript
              • The Lion's Den
              How Long?
              • The City of Ash
              I Must Not Falter
              • The Hunting Grounds, Wilding Run
              In Dreams We Awaken
                Initiate's Second Note
                • Weeping Wind Cave (map)
                Initiate's Third Note
                • Weeping Wind Cave (map)
                Invocation of Hircine
                • On top of a crate at Strastnoc's Landing
                • Themond's House, Kerbol's Hollow
                • Murcien's Hamlet
                Josseline's Letter Josseline Sidrey
                • On her body near Broken Helm Hollow, or at the entrance to Forelhost
                Journal of Culanwe Culanwe
                • Grahtwood, Laeloria in the Tower of Vastarie
                Journal, Day 12
                • Fungal Grotto II
                Journal, Day 26
                • Fungal Grotto II
                Journal, Day 32
                • Fungal Grotto II
                Journal, Day 40
                • Fungal Grotto II
                Leeza's Bloodthorn Report Leeza
                  Letter to Diabolist Volcatia Dreadlord Naucratius
                  • Haynote Cave
                  Letter to Evis Marys
                  • Narsis, on a trunk in Sadri House's second floor.
                  Letter to Sentulus Nightcaller Chartrand
                  • At a camp north of Koeglin Village
                  Letter to Vethisa Dreadlord Naucratius
                  • Pothole Caverns
                  Letter to Volgo Dreadlord Naucratius
                  • Nisin Cave
                  Look to the Dawn
                  • Pariah Catacombs
                  Note from Alasan Alasan
                    Note Written in Blood
                    • Coldrock Diggings
                    Or Else Gullveig
                    • Windtorn House, Riften
                    Orders for Attius Septima Tharn
                    • Bangkorai Garrison, Barracks Dungeon
                    Orders: Bearclaw Mine
                    • Bearclaw Mine
                    Orders: Farangel's Delve
                    • Farangel's Delve
                    Orders: Norvulk Ruins
                    • Norvulk Ruins
                    Our Budding Alliance Mannimarco
                    • Mehrunes' Spite
                    Overdreamer Chartrand's Orders Overdreamer Chartrand
                      Persistence of Daedric Veneration Lady Cinnabar of Taneth
                      • Weynon Priory
                      Prayer to Hircine
                      • Wilding Run
                      Report on Training Midaras Centho
                      • Forelhost
                      Rituals of Contempt
                        Rumors of the Spiral Skein The Derisive Necromite
                          Sardok's Bloodthorn Report Sardok
                          • Tangle Rock
                          Scent-of-Graves' Report Scent-of-Graves
                          • Forelhost
                          Speech Notes
                          • Faldar's Tooth, outside the dungeon's entrance
                          Stonefire Ritual Tome
                          • Broken Tusk
                          The Amplification Crystals
                          • Tashpir's House, Greenhill
                          The Excavation of Ouze
                          • In a cave at Ouze
                          The First Day
                          • City of Ash
                          The Five Points of the Star Sigillah Parate
                          • Pariah Abbey
                          • The Crystal Vial
                          The Gift of Arson
                          • In the Abandoned Mine north of Dawnbreak
                          The Llodos Plague Alchemist Merdyndril
                          • Quarantine Serk Catacombs
                          The New Lord
                          • City of Ash
                          The Omen of Deception
                          • Nightmare Crag
                          The Treasure of Stillrise Village Deskin
                          • Stillrise Village
                          The Waters of Oblivion
                            The Will of Drulshasa Drulshasa
                              The Words of the Rodent
                              • On a shrine southwest of The Triple Circle Mine
                              There Are Ways Thallik Wormfather
                                There Is No Going Back Cassia Varo
                                • At a small camp northwest of the Chancel of Divine Entreaty
                                They Should Grovel Feremuzh
                                • Coldrock Diggings
                                Thwarting the Daedra: Dagon's Cult Flaminius Auctor, Province General
                                  Time to Strike!
                                    To Anchorite Gaius Atia
                                    • Greenhill Catacombs
                                    To Dream Beyond Dreams The Omen of a Hundred Prophecies
                                    • Nurin Farm
                                    To Whom It May Concern Hogondar Hammerhurl
                                    • City of Ash
                                    Tome of Daedric Portals the Sinistral Apprentice
                                      Torn Note from Jessen Jessen
                                      • Fighters Guild hall in your Alliance Capital, after completing Anchors from the Harbour
                                      Vantir's Journal Vantir
                                      • Silaseli Ruins
                                      Verrik's Note Verrik
                                      • Lerineaux Manor, Daggerfall
                                      Wakener's Sermon
                                      • Forgotten Wastes
                                      We Have Control
                                      • Ezreba's House, Greenhill
                                      What Comes Next Calahawn
                                      • Just southwest of Valanir's Rest
                                      Wolfpack Initiate's Notes
                                      • Weeping Wind Cave (map)


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