Daedra Worship: The Ayleids

Daedra Worship: The Ayleids
Collection Daedric Cults
Author Phrastus of Elinhir

Daedra Worship: The Ayleids is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Daedric Cults


Where to find Daedra Worship: The Ayleids

      • Monastic Lodge, Weynon Priory



Daedra Worship: The Ayleids Content

The reasons why the Daedra are reviled and their worship forbidden among all the civilized races of Tamriel are well understood, and as this series of papers will show, are grounded in historical events. The opinions of the so-called academic who styles herself Lady Cinnabar notwithstanding, the evidence supporting my assertions is incontrovertible and generally accepted by all accredited scholars of antiquity. The Aldmeri, who'd been first to begin organized worship of the Aedra, were also the first to venerate the Daedra Lords. This probably began on a small scale among the Ayleids, those Elves who left the Summerset Isles to create splinter cultures in central and southwest Tamriel—in some cases specifically to evade the strictures of Aldmeri regulation, which forbade (among many other things) the worship of Daedra. As Ayleid culture flourished, drawing ever further from Alinor, in the last millennium of the Merethic Era Daedric worship took hold and spread among the Heartland High Elves. The Aedra were still widely revered, with probably a majority of the Ayleids continuing to pay them homage, but cults devoted to the various Daedric Princes sprang up across Cyrodiil, tolerated and then celebrated. Unlike the Chimer, the Ayleids made no distinction between good and bad Daedra—indeed, even some of the more heinous Princes received mass veneration, especially when their worship was adopted and endorsed by Ayleid kings and aristocrats. Widespread Daedra worship among the Heartland Elves was particularly ill news for the tribes of Nedic humans who were then arriving in Tamriel. The Ayleids enslaved the immigrant tribes of Men, at first occasionally but then systematically, and the Nedic people found themselves subject to masters who, in many cases, worshiped the Princes—including those who encouraged slavery, domination, and cruelty. Under the Ayleids, the human thralls found themselves the subjects of such Daedra-inspired arts as flesh-sculpture and gut-gardening. In fact, the revulsion for Daedra-worship that pervades most human cultures in Tamriel probably originated in this period. The Alessian slave-revolt of the early First Era was largely fueled by desperate rage against the Ayleids' Daedra-inspired cruelty. The Ayleid kings who aligned themselves with the rebellion were largely Aedra-worshipers, which in part explains why, once the Ayleids were overthrown, Queen Alessia incorporated the leading Elven Aedra into the First Empire's worship of the Eight Divines. Her new Empire of Cyrodiil outlawed the worship of the Daedric Princes, and Daedra-worshiping Ayleids were exterminated wherever they were found. Thus, by the middle of the First Era, large-scale Daedra-worship was extinct in central Tamriel, surviving only among the Chimer in the northeast of the continent, and among the Orcs (ever a pariah people) who worshiped Malacath (or Mauloch) as their god-ancestor. Elsewhere, among Men, Mer, and Beast-Peoples, Daedra-worship survived only at the level of cults which were more-or-less forbidden. Lady Cinnabar's assertions to the contrary are so much horsewash.


Daedric Cults
A Discarded Missive  ♦  A Final Appeal  ♦  A Memory Book, Part 1  ♦  A Memory Book, Part 2  ♦  A Memory Book, Part 3  ♦  A Promise Made  ♦  A Tally of Villagers  ♦  About Mercy  ♦  Apocrypha, Apocrypha  ♦  Arkay the Enemy  ♦  Bisnensel: Our Ancient Roots  ♦  Bloodthorn Orders  ♦  Bloodthorn Orders: Ebon Crypt  ♦  Boethiah's Glory  ♦  Boethiah and Her Avatars  ♦  Daedra Dossier: The Titans  ♦  Daedra Worship: The Chimer  ♦  Dark Contract  ♦  Dream of a Thousand Dreamers  ♦  Dreamers Our Time Has Come  ♦  Drusilla's Notes  ♦  Glorious Upheaval  ♦  Graccus' Journal, Volume I  ♦  Hald's Interrogation Transcript  ♦  Here to Stay  ♦  Hilka's Interrogation Transcript  ♦  I Must Not Falter  ♦  In Dreams We Awaken  ♦  Initiate's Second Note  ♦  Initiate's Third Note  ♦  Invocation of Hircine  ♦  Josseline's Letter  ♦  Journal of Culanwe  ♦  Journal, Day 12  ♦  Journal, Day 26  ♦  Journal, Day 32  ♦  Journal, Day 40  ♦  Leeza's Bloodthorn Report  ♦  Letter to Diabolist Volcatia  ♦  Letter to Evis Marys  ♦  Letter to Sentulus  ♦  Letter to Vethisa  ♦  Letter to Volgo  ♦  Look to the Dawn  ♦  Note from Alasan  ♦  Note Written in Blood  ♦  Or Else  ♦  Orders for Attius  ♦  Orders: Bearclaw Mine  ♦  Orders: Farangel's Delve  ♦  Orders: Norvulk Ruins  ♦  Our Budding Alliance  ♦  Overdreamer Chartrand's Orders  ♦  Persistence of Daedric Veneration  ♦  Prayer to Hircine  ♦  Report on Training  ♦  Rituals of Contempt  ♦  Rumors of the Spiral Skein  ♦  Sardok's Bloodthorn Report  ♦  Scent-of-Graves' Report  ♦  Speech Notes  ♦  Stonefire Ritual Tome  ♦  The Amplification Crystals  ♦  The Excavation of Ouze  ♦  The First Day  ♦  The Five Points of the Star  ♦  The Gift of Arson  ♦  The Llodos Plague Book  ♦  The New Lord  ♦  The Omen of Deception  ♦  The Treasure of Stillrise Village  ♦  The Waters of Oblivion  ♦  The Will of Drulshasa  ♦  The Words of the Rodent  ♦  There Are Ways  ♦  There Is No Going Back  ♦  They Should Grovel  ♦  Thwarting the Daedra: Dagon's Cult  ♦  Time to Strike!  ♦  To Anchorite Gaius  ♦  To Dream Beyond Dreams  ♦  To Whom It May Concern  ♦  Tome of Daedric Portals  ♦  Torn Note from Jessen  ♦  Vantir's Journal  ♦  Verrik's Note  ♦  Wakener's Sermon  ♦  We Have Control  ♦  What Comes Next  ♦  Wolfpack Initiate's Notes


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