Glorious Upheaval

Glorious Upheaval
Collection Daedric Cults
Author Thendaramur Death-Blossom

Glorious Upheaval is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Eidetic Memory, these books are part of the subcollection Daedric Cults


Where to find Glorious Upheaval

      • Irrigation Tunnels



Glorious Upheaval Content

Listen, you who would renounce the Eight and their lies, you who spurn their mindless doctrines, and know: Boethiah waits to receive the worthy. He pays no heed to mewling praise and prayers or cries for aid and mercy from his faithful. He delights in the blood of the overthrown, the betrayed and conquered and murdered—those too weak to survive and receive his gifts. Only rebellion and violence, only treachery and aggression and the power you seize can prove you, a mere speck of dust, deserving of notice. Your prize waits between his dripping fangs, if you dare to claim it. The tested, who stand drenched by the viscera of the pitiful, glimpse secrets held only by the Prince of Plots, who proved the weakness of gods when Trinimac suffered in his stomach. Every power can be dismantled. Demonstrate your will to the Deceiver. Do what you must to sever the grip of all rulers and place the crown on your own brow. In this way, you carve the path to illumination; you recognize your potential. Turn away from an atrophied life of complacency. Take everything from the undeserving, take what you can and know it always belonged to you. Corrupt what lies within your grasp and turn it to your own purpose, then extend your arm further. Reject the Eyeless Aedra, rotting in Aetherius, that prison realm where flaccid souls languish, useless and drained. Deny their commands and revel in combat, speak heresies as black as the Void, and laugh in the face of the Dragon Ghost Akatosh and his crumbling kin. Boethiah watches these deeds. She relishes each victory, shivers with euphoria at each moment of resolution, and grants her favor to the strong. If you would be among her champions, if you would destroy everything in your own true path, you will join the endless struggle and bring strife and discord where you tread. Only in this way will you prepare for the greater battle that waits beyond. Know, you on the path of perpetual conflict, you who refuse to bend the knee: Boethiah waits to receive the worthy.


Daedric Cults
A Discarded Missive  ♦  A Final Appeal  ♦  A Memory Book, Part 1  ♦  A Memory Book, Part 2  ♦  A Memory Book, Part 3  ♦  A Promise Made  ♦  A Tally of Villagers  ♦  About Mercy  ♦  Apocrypha, Apocrypha  ♦  Arkay the Enemy  ♦  Bisnensel: Our Ancient Roots  ♦  Bloodthorn Orders  ♦  Bloodthorn Orders: Ebon Crypt  ♦  Boethiah's Glory  ♦  Boethiah and Her Avatars  ♦  Daedra Dossier: The Titans  ♦  Daedra Worship: The Ayleids  ♦  Daedra Worship: The Chimer  ♦  Dark Contract  ♦  Dream of a Thousand Dreamers  ♦  Dreamers Our Time Has Come  ♦  Drusilla's Notes  ♦  Graccus' Journal, Volume I  ♦  Hald's Interrogation Transcript  ♦  Here to Stay  ♦  Hilka's Interrogation Transcript  ♦  I Must Not Falter  ♦  In Dreams We Awaken  ♦  Initiate's Second Note  ♦  Initiate's Third Note  ♦  Invocation of Hircine  ♦  Josseline's Letter  ♦  Journal of Culanwe  ♦  Journal, Day 12  ♦  Journal, Day 26  ♦  Journal, Day 32  ♦  Journal, Day 40  ♦  Leeza's Bloodthorn Report  ♦  Letter to Diabolist Volcatia  ♦  Letter to Evis Marys  ♦  Letter to Sentulus  ♦  Letter to Vethisa  ♦  Letter to Volgo  ♦  Look to the Dawn  ♦  Note from Alasan  ♦  Note Written in Blood  ♦  Or Else  ♦  Orders for Attius  ♦  Orders: Bearclaw Mine  ♦  Orders: Farangel's Delve  ♦  Orders: Norvulk Ruins  ♦  Our Budding Alliance  ♦  Overdreamer Chartrand's Orders  ♦  Persistence of Daedric Veneration  ♦  Prayer to Hircine  ♦  Report on Training  ♦  Rituals of Contempt  ♦  Rumors of the Spiral Skein  ♦  Sardok's Bloodthorn Report  ♦  Scent-of-Graves' Report  ♦  Speech Notes  ♦  Stonefire Ritual Tome  ♦  The Amplification Crystals  ♦  The Excavation of Ouze  ♦  The First Day  ♦  The Five Points of the Star  ♦  The Gift of Arson  ♦  The Llodos Plague Book  ♦  The New Lord  ♦  The Omen of Deception  ♦  The Treasure of Stillrise Village  ♦  The Waters of Oblivion  ♦  The Will of Drulshasa  ♦  The Words of the Rodent  ♦  There Are Ways  ♦  There Is No Going Back  ♦  They Should Grovel  ♦  Thwarting the Daedra: Dagon's Cult  ♦  Time to Strike!  ♦  To Anchorite Gaius  ♦  To Dream Beyond Dreams  ♦  To Whom It May Concern  ♦  Tome of Daedric Portals  ♦  Torn Note from Jessen  ♦  Vantir's Journal  ♦  Verrik's Note  ♦  Wakener's Sermon  ♦  We Have Control  ♦  What Comes Next  ♦  Wolfpack Initiate's Notes


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