Coldharbour Lore is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Coldharbour Lore collection.

Coldharbour Lore Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Life of Strife and Struggle King Laloriaran Dynar
  • North of Zemarek's Hollow
Chaotic Creatia: The Azure Plasm Doctor Rhythandius
  • East of Library of Dusk Wayshrine
Exegesis of Merid-Nunda Phrastus of Elinhir
  • Abagarlas
I was Summoned by a Mortal Kynval Zzedenkathik of Clan Deathbringer
  • The Hollow City
Oath of a Dishonored Clan Lyranth
  • Bha's Bargains, Reaver Citadel
Protocols of the Court of Contempt Judge Xiven
The Black Forge Kyngald Nazkrixor
  • North of Shrine Of Kyne
The Library of Dusk: Rare Books
The Lightless Oubliette
The Whithering of Delodiil Unknown
  • The Moonless Walk
  • Mzeneldt


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