A Life of Strife and Struggle

A Life of Strife and Struggle
Collection Coldharbour Lore
Author King Laloriaran Dynar

A Life of Strife and Struggle is a Book in Elder Scrolls Online. Contained within Shalidor's Library, these books are part of the subcollection Coldharbour Lore


Where to find A Life of Strife and Struggle

      • North of Zemarek's Hollow



A Life of Strife and Struggle Content

Structure: ten chapters as traditional, one for each of the Ten Ancestors Chapter One: Struggles of the Late Ayleid Period (263-331) —My father humiliated by the Empress —Nenalata as a vassal-state to the Empire of Cyrodiil —Wrenching transition to a slave-less economy —Forced adoption of Alessia's Eight Divines —I don the Crown of Nenalata —Rising sense of futility and doom Chapter Two: Alessian Order, Ayleid Disorder (332-371) —Coup d'Etat in the Imperial City —I swear fealty to the Emperor —Theocracy in Cyrodiil —The Ayleid Pogrom —The vassal-states dwindle —Nenalata stands alone Chapter Three: Tears for Lost Nenalata (372-374) —Ultimatum from the Emperor —Debate with the Intransigents —Last hours in Nenalata —The turbulent trek from Cyrodiil —News of the massacre of the Intransigents —Nibbled to death by Goblins Chapter Four: Refugees on the Bjoulsae (375-452) —Welcomed by the Direnni —Displacing the Orcs, founding a city —Bisnensel-by-the-Lake —Detente with the Bretons, armistice with the Orcs —Disturbing news from Cyrodiil Chapter Five: Menace of the Primeval Seekers (453-460) —The pernicious cult of Hermaeus Mora —Strange rites, persistent visions —High Priest Uluscant asserts his authority —Murder in the night —Flight of the royal family Chapter Six: Sanctuary Among the Direnni (461-477) —Balfiera Island —Ryain, Aiden, and Raven —At War with Skyrim —Tactician and Strategist: I find my true calling —Hoag Merkiller defeated Chapter Seven: Approach of the Alessian Horde (478-479) —Rumbles from the Heartland —We find Breton converts to Alessianism —Scourging of the missionaries —The Alessian Horde marches west —The fall of Craglorn Chapter Eight: The Mustering of High Rock (480-481) —Envoy to the Vassal Kings —Aiden reluctantly signs the Rights Charter —Making legionaries out of farmhands —The Horde swarms into High Rock —Atrocities of the Alessians Chapter Nine: The Battle of Glenumbria Moors (482) —Opening skirmishes —We present the lure —Faolchu takes the bait —Charge of the hidden knights —Conjured creatures of Corvus and Calani —Rout of the Alessians Chapter Ten: Return to Nenalata (482-484) —Pursuit of the Alessian Horde —Extermination in Craglorn —The Maruhkati Martyrs —Return to the Heartland —Lured to Nenalata —Molag Bal's Insidious Trap —Prisoner in Coldharbour Plenty of time in here. Just hope they don't take away my writing materials. Could even Dremora be that cruel?



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