Imperial Library is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Imperial Library Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Way Out
  • Imperial City Prison
Battered Note
    Chapter XII: The Graverobber of Imperial City
      Crumpled Arena Flyer Dredaza the Ringmaster
      • Lambent Passage
      Frayed Note
      • Imperial City Prison first cell block to the left as you go down the stairs.
      Glyndallagan's Confession Glyndallagan
        Groundskeeper's Letter Groundskeeper Gavros
          Imperial Architect's Correspondence Mycaelis Julus
          • Abyssal Depths
          Imperial Prison Discipline Records
            Love Letter to Aishah Ezudash
            • Imperial City Arboretum District, just north of the Sewer Entrance (doe not glow)
            Minutes of the Elder Council
            • Imperial Sewers
            Necromancer's Journal
              On the Tel Var Stones: Volume 1 Herminius Sophus
                On the Tel Var Stones: Volume 2 Herminius Sophus
                  On the Tel Var Stones: Volume 3 Herminius Sophus
                    On the Tel Var Stones: Volume 4 Herminius Sophus
                    • Imperial Sewers, Lambent Passage, next to the ladder to the Nobles District
                    On the Xivkyn Pelagius Habor, Council Daedrologist-in-Residence
                    • Irrigation Tunnels
                    The Prison Must Fall
                      The Sublime Brazier Augusta Purusius, Associate Historian, Imperial Academy of Records and Histories
                        This is the End


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