Notes and Memos is a collection of Books that add up to the larger Eidetic Memory collection.

Notes and Memos Books Collection

Title Author Location
A Moment of Your Time? Stibbons
  • Spurned Peak (map)
A Plea for the Elder Scrolls Crassius Viria
  • Scroll Temple of Mnem
A Plea for Vengeance
    A Ragged Inscription Cirithor
      A Tough Audience Sempronia
        Admission Denied Evoker-Adept Carusian
        • Agapitus' House, Arenthia (map)
        Amberic's Note Amberic
          An Artisan's Oasis
          • Artisan's Oasis
          Another Grim Jest
          • Antechamber, Castle Rilis
          Apologies to Uncle Neldatir Thoring
            Await My Emissary Javad Tharn
            • Zabibi's House, Arenthia
            • Fisherman's Rest
            Bowman's Note Bowman
            • Rubble Butte
            Bruma Pleads for Aid Grigerda
            • At a small camp outside of the Gate of Chim
            Chid Moska
              Closing Performance Notes
              • House Dres Crypts, Kragenmoor
              Covert Note
              • Narsis
              Crumpled Note in the Desk Verrik
              • Covenant Lodge, Pa'alat
              Deathbringer Orders
              • The Wailing Maw
              Delves-Deeply's Note Delves-Deeply
              • Quendeluun
              Desperate Time Lorn
              • Pact Lodge, Pa'alat
              Ebon Crypt Ambrel
              • Lion Guard Redoubt
              Edweg's Resignation Note Edweg
                Eyes of the Queen Only
                • Stormhold Guild Hall, after the quest
                • Ten-Maur-Wolk
                Faithful One
                • Aswala's Remembrance
                Fascinating Relics Telenger the Artificer
                • Ezduiin
                • Halls of Ichor (map)
                Fire's Grip
                • Par Molag
                Fists of Thalmor
                • Fighters Guild, Velyn Harbor
                Follow-Up Performance Notes
                • House Dres Crypts, Kragenmoor
                For Donel from Father Frodibert Fontbonne
                • Cloudy Dregs Inn, Attic Room
                From Shad Astula with Love Geirvarda Frostwind
                  Funny Stuff, Sil Henlor
                  • Henlor's House, Arenthia
                  Galmon's Note Galmon
                  • Sanguine's Demesne
                  Garick's Message Garick
                  • The Green Leaf, Cormount
                  Gaston's Instructions Gaston
                    Goodbye Note Samala
                    • Hollow Waste Dolmen
                    Grim Jest
                    • Antechamber, Castle Rilis
                    Half-Burned Note to Borodin Aera Earth-Turner
                    • Nimalten
                    Heed My Words Agrakh
                    • Chieftan's Longhouse, Dra'bul
                    I'll Get You Ulbazar
                    • Crypt of the Exiles
                    If I May Beseech You Stibbons
                    • Spurned Peak
                    Impressions of Northwind Mine Brother Istler
                    • Small House, Northwind Mine
                    Increased Bandit Activity Karpu-sa
                    • Mistral, within the Chancery
                    Increased Dominion Activity Galriel
                      Khenarthi's Roost: Interim Orders Ealcil
                      • A deserted camp, south-west of the Temple of the Mourning Springs
                      Legend of Chill House
                      • Chill House
                      Memo from Menoit Ranger Menoit
                      • The Lion's Den
                      Memo to Captain Doronil
                      • Tal'Deic Fortress
                      Memorize and Burn!
                      • Daggerfall Outlaws Refuge
                      Mesanthano's Tower
                      • Mesanthano's Tower
                      Message from Geneura Geneura
                      • Mist Morrow Tower
                      New Opportunities Virian
                      • Pact Lodge, Pa'alat
                      No Significant Danger Quintus Verres
                      • In tent of camp above Shrikes' Aerie Wayshrine
                      Non-Standard Techniques Gabrielle Benele
                      • Hightide Hollow
                      Note about "Wood Elf Etiquette" Iirond
                      • Glardel's House, Cormount
                      Note from a Bottle
                      • Pa'alat
                      Note from Akash Akash gra-Mal
                      • Elden Hollow
                      Note from Commander Derre Commander Derre
                      • The Lion's Den
                      Note from Gullveig Gullveig
                      • Thane's Manor, Fullhelm Fort
                      Note from Jahla Jahla at-Basri
                        Note from Jeegren Jeegren
                        • Hightide Hollow
                        Note from Kamu Sergeant Kamu
                        • The Moonless Walk
                        Note from Morantor Morantor
                        • Bthzark
                        Note from Orlugash Orlugash
                        • Abamath Ruins
                        Note from Razum-dar Razum-dar
                        • Eagle's Strand
                        Note from Scout Justal Senior Scout Justal
                        • The Lion's Den
                        Note from Slim-Jah Slim-Jah
                        • The Gray Mire
                        Note from Theomund Theomund
                        • Breagha-Fin
                        Note from Zidal Zidal
                        • Rejmina's House, Baandari Trading Post
                        Note in Bag of Vvardenfell Silk Chanda
                        • Grethel's Vigil
                        Note to Arida Vandris
                        • Abandoned Building, The Reaver Citadel
                        Note to Barkeep Sorion
                        • Southpoint
                        Note to King Jorunn Jarl Ivannar
                        • On a bed on the second floor of the Jarl's Manor, Fort Amol
                        Note to Lucien Demitrii
                        • Entrance to Ilessan Tower
                        Note to Menthery Landlin
                        • Bha's Bargains, The Reaver Citadel
                        Note to Parsifal Master Davynu
                        • Davynu's Workshop, Northpoint
                        Note to Sir Quatrius Captain Dhakir at-Nimr
                        • At-Nimr Estate, Hallin's Stand
                        Note to Throne Keeper Farvad Priestess Yazhmeena, High Throne Keeper
                        • Tu'whacca's Throne
                        Note to Ulguna The Architect
                        • Vaults of Madness
                        On the Matter of the Prisoners
                        • Court of Contempt
                        Opening Performance Notes
                        • House Dres Crypts, Kragenmoor
                        People I Hate
                        • Windhelm Outlaws Refuge, beside Lugdakh
                        Pillagers of the Hist
                        • Forsaken Hamlet
                        Plea to Maximinus Foreman Albanus
                          Prompt Rescue is Imperative Stibbons
                          • Spurned Peak
                          Quit Asking
                          • Mournhold Outlaws Refuge
                          Rasaba's Note Rasaba
                            Rendarion's Apology Rendarion
                            • Mist Mirror Refuge
                            Report: Missing Persons Regine Nyte
                            • Daggerfall Fighters Guild
                            Respectful Greetings from Am-Shadal General Am-Shadal
                            • Southern High Rock Gate
                            Rogue Elements
                            • Lanwaen's House, Deepwoods
                            Rosalind's Orders Rosalind Milielle
                            • Inn, Westtry
                            Rulantaril's Notes Rulantaril Oran
                            • Uveran Bank, Davon's Watch
                            • Davon's Watch Mages Guild
                            Shalan's Note Shalan
                            • Abandoned Home east of Damar Farmstead
                            Situation Becoming Urgent Stibbons
                            • Spurned Peak
                            Snowmead's Missive Eitaki Snowmead
                            • On the road between Fort Amol and Lost Knife Cave
                            Someday It'll Be Just You Selenor
                              Stay Far from the Roots Huurenarth
                              • Inside the inn on the bar, Silvenar
                              Thank You for Your Patience Office of the Mistral Chancery
                              • Khenarthi's Roost, at Karpu-sa's camp in the northwest
                              The Arena! Emingil
                                The Artisan's Letters The Artisan
                                  The Grandeya is in Custody Captain Dhakir at-Nimr
                                  • At-Nimr Estate, Hallin's Stand
                                  The Reachmen are Coming!
                                  • Abandoned House, Murcien's Hamlet
                                  The Scent's the Thing
                                  • Quarantine Serk Catacombs
                                  • Outside Quarantine Serk Catacombs
                                  There is No Waterside Curse Foreman Gallus
                                    Three-of-Claws' Note Three-of-Claws
                                    • Docks, Stormhold
                                    Thunderbug Repellent Nimriell
                                    • The Gray Mire
                                    To Jalal Zennuxith
                                    • Armature's Upheaval
                                    • Burned village northeast of Weynon Priory
                                    Unavoidable Delays Office of the Mistral Chancery
                                    • Between Windcatcher Plantation and Temple of the Dark Moon
                                    Unfinished Scroll Hubert
                                    • Bearclaw Mine
                                    Vath'ira's Note Vath'ira
                                    • Lost City of the Na-Totambu
                                    Waited as Long as We Could
                                    • Abandoned house southeast of Fort Aleswell
                                    We Know, Many-Rocks
                                    • Davenas Farm
                                    We Will Be Spared
                                    • Abandoned House, Murcien's Hamlet
                                    Wear Them Down
                                      Where I'll Be
                                      • Crosstree Bandit camp southwest of Windcatcher Plantation
                                      • Crosstree Bandit camp north of Temple of the Mourning Springs
                                      • Crosstree Bandit camp north of Laughing Moons Plantation
                                      • After the quest, on the ground just northeast of the entrance to Hazak's Hollow
                                      Wounded Lion Captain gro-Mak
                                      • Covenant Lodge, Pa'alat
                                      Zurka's Orders Ren-dro
                                      • Ren-dro Mansion, Pa'alat


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