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Faction daggerfall iconDaggerfall Covenant
Previous Zone --
Next Zone  Glenumbra
Number of Quests 15
Unique Achievements --

Stros M'Kai is a Location in Elder Scrolls Online. It is a tropical island renowned for its Dwemer ruins and mines, including the Orrery  observatory. In its central town there is a Palace and the Temple of Arkay as well as underground Catacombs. To the South of the island lies Saintsport. This area has begginer-friendly quests.

Betnikh can be reached by talking to the Boatswain Gilzir at the north end of the Daggerfall Harbor District in Glenumbra.

Stros M'Kai has the following Overland Sets: Armor of the Trainee Set.


DungeonsPublic Dungeons

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Group%20DungeonGroup Dungeons

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Dark%20AnchorDark Anchors

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eso house icon elder scrolls onlinesPlayer Housing

Group%20BossElite Spawns

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eso mundus stone icon elder scrolls onlinesMundus Stones

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Stros M'kai Chest Map

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Card Upgrade Clues

grand oratory clue eso wiki guide

Grand Oratory Clue (Stros M'Kai, near Pillar of the Sing Sun.)




Stros M'kai Quests

Stros M'Kai Locales & Trivia


" From the notes of Verbaud Derre, architect:
The Redguards’ ancestors brought great architectural skill and knowledge with them across the sea when they fled their sunken homeland of Yokuda. We may never know exactly what their ancient structures there looked like, but the Redguards’ respect for tradition almost certainly ensures that they preserved as much of the Yokudan form and style as possible. Their reverence for history and their ancestors led them to produce monuments of impressive scale and the most ornate temples and tombs I have laid eyes on. Perhaps even more interesting (if more mundane) are their adaptations to desert life, considered in every structure they produce.


Alik'r Desert  ♦  Artaeum  ♦  Auridon  ♦  Bal Foyen  ♦  Bangkorai  ♦  Betnikh  ♦  Bleakrock Isle  ♦  Clockwork City  ♦  Coldharbour  ♦  Craglorn  ♦  Cyrodiil  ♦  Deshaan  ♦  Eastmarch  ♦  Elsweyr  ♦  Glenumbra  ♦  Gold Coast  ♦  Grahtwood  ♦  Greenshade  ♦  Hew's Bane  ♦  Imperial City  ♦  Khenarthis Roost  ♦  Malabal Tor  ♦  Murkmire  ♦  Reaper's March  ♦  Rivenspire  ♦  Shadowfen  ♦  Southern Elsweyr  ♦  Stonefalls  ♦  Stormhaven  ♦  Summerset  ♦  The Rift  ♦  Thieves Den  ♦  Vvardenfell  ♦  Western Skyrim  ♦  Wrothgar


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