Izad's Treasure


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Izad's Treasure
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Izad's Treasure is a Quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)


Quest Information

I dug up a chest by the shipwreck near Saintsport. It contained a shovel and directions written by a Captain Izad. It supposedly contains clues to a treasure buried on Stros M'Kai.



  • Examine the buried chest.
  • Find lighthouse.
  • Look for tall statue and head there.
  • Follow it to wayshrine.
  • Find the warrior statue.
  • Find island of iron faces.
  • Find the broken ship.
  • Find the stone ship.
  • Dig up treasure. 



  • Chest by a shipwreck near Saintsport



  • Once you start the quest you will receive a letter and a shovel. The letter is a riddle you must figure out by way of waypoints.
  • The first step you need to stand on top of Saintsport’s Star, so head northeast through Saintsport and you'll see the lighthouse just north of the Saintsport docks. Go inside and head up to the top.
  • Secondly, look northeast towards the ship, then look to the left of the ship to see a tall statue (Port Hunding Wayshrine). That's the Eternal Sentinel.
  • Go back down and run north towards the Sentinel. When you reached there, follow the left wall around until you find the Port Hunding wayshrine. Go up to it and then head northwest until you see the statue, Warrior.
  • Head directly south until you reach the rock, then walk southeast past the palm trees and start swimming until you come to an island.
  • You need to reach the center island. Then stand in the center of this island and look southwest. Then you need to find the stone ship. (a rock formation that resembles a ship.) Standing on the stone ship and looking at its port you will see a few palm trees in the distance.
    stoneship location eso wiki guide
  • Go to palm trees location. Dig up the soil to reveal a chest.
  • Open the chest to complete the quest and get your reward.



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    • Anonymous

      wow such great directions (sarcasm) "Head southwest until you come across a bunch of Sea Drakes. The broken ship is just a little ahead. The on screen clue must progress in order to be able find the rocks of the next step. Keep moving in the area of the broken ship until you actually find the ship." the only thing missing is "general direction" this gives absolutely NO help whatsoever and whatever "author" was used please do not EVER use them again

      • Anonymous

        Holy Moly! These are terrible Instructions . Head SSW from the broken ship, you'll see the stone ship(with 3 masts, not 2). Hope this helps : )

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