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Werewolves to the North is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Werewolves to the North Bestowal

Wyress Gwen said that the Wyrd Tree will recover, but another danger has appeared in the north.


28 Gold
(?) Gold
75 Gold

(?) XP
(?) VP
6080 VP


  • Talk to Wyress Gwen and she tells you that Werewolves captured Camlorn. She says to speak to Chamberlain Weller in Aldcroft because he might know more.
  • * Talk to Chamberlain Weller. Follow the path south and at the crossroads turn left and head towards the Wyrd Tree wayshrine. Head east from the wayshrine until you reach a bridge. Cross it and then follow the eastern path all the way to Aldcroft. After you cross the bridge into Aldcroft, head north and speak with Chamberlain Weller to complete the quest.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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