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Seeking the Guardians is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Seeking the Guardians Bestowal

The Beldama Wyrd asked for my help. The Wyrd rely on the elemental guardians for guidance and counsel, but the spirits have become mysteriously silent.


53 Gold
(?) Gold
151 Gold

(?) XP
(?) VP
6080 VP


  • Talk to Wyress Ileana, who tells you to gather Lurcher limbs and burn them at the altar atop the nearby ruins to summon a guardian.
  • Collect Lurcher Arms. Search the area until you have five lurcher arms, which you get from the beasts of the same name.
  • Summon an Elemental Guardian. When you have the arms, climb the stairs to the north and then activate the altar to summon the Guardian of the Earth.
  • Talk to Guardian of the Earth, who will explain what to do next. Go back down the stairs and head west until you reach the Vale of the Guardians; talk to Wyress Ileana when you get there to complete the quest.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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