Cursed Treasure is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Cursed Treasure Bestowal

" The Bloodthorn cult is attempting to take control of the spirits of High Rock knights laid to rest at the Burial Mounds. They also seek to control the ancient kings buried there, and have stolen their regalia for some dark purpose. "



  • Find the Black-Iron Sword
  • Retrieve the Stolen Regalia
  • Find the Engraved Trophy Tusk
  • Find the Cracked Gold Crown
  • Find the Green Aegis
  • Return the Black-Iron Sword
  • Regalia Placed
  • Return the Cracked Gold Crown
  • Return the Engraved Trophy Tusk
  • Return the Green Aegis
  • Return the Regalia to the Proper Tombs

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