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Wayward Scouts is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Wayward Scouts Bestowal

A Lion Guard scouting party, made up mostly of new recruits, has gone missing near Farwatch Tower.



  • Find Recruit Helene. Speak with Corporal Aldouin near Farwatch Tower. Agree to help find his scouts. Go up the stairs to the northeast.
  • Find Recruit Sorais. You'll find Recruit Sorais near the cliff edge to the east, speak with him then head north. Recruit Helene is over here. Speak with her as well. She tells you to rescue Recruit Cecile who is near the camp on the beach. Head all the way down the stairs next to her then head east over the bridge, turn northeast now and head for the camp.
  • Rescue Recruit Cecile. Rescue Cecile who is tied up next to some boxes and talk to her. Cross the bridge again and head southwest, you'll find Cecile standing near a wall over here, talk to her for your reward.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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