Blood and the Crescent Moon is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Blood and the Crescent Moon Bestowal

The bustling city of Daggerfall holds many mysteries. It appears that I stumbled right into one of them.


(?) XP,
4990 VP,
9121 VP

73 Gold
302 Gold
302 Gold


  1. Objective: Follow the Dog. Interact with Giblets the Dog and he will lead you to the water. A dead body is there with a note near him.
  2. Objective: Read the Note. A Bloodthorn Assassin will attack you after you read the note. Kill him.
  3. Objective: Go west to the Daggerfall Marketplace -- talk to Christoph Lamont, the grocer. Ask him about three blood oranges. He will inform you this is a phrase used by the King's intelligence network.
  4. Objective: Talk to to Diane Guissant, the florist. She is in the same area as Christoph.
  5. Objective: Talk to the Tailor -- Finally, go southeast to talk to the tailor, Kareem Winvale, inside Winvale's Winsome Loom. This is to the southeast in Tradesman's Square. The tailor will tell you talk to Captain Aresin, who is by the great stairs behind the Mages Guild.
  6. Objective: Talk to Captain Aresin. Follow the path west of the shop, go over the bridge, then turn north, and continue until reaching the Captain. Tell him about Roy, the dead guy. He will tell you to talk to Grenna gra-Kush at the Rosy Lion Inn.
  7. Objective: Talk to Grenna gra-Kush. Head down the stairs and go north to the inn. Grenna will be at the fireplace. She knows that one of the Bloodthorn is upstairs. Maybe you can get him to talk.
  8. Objective: Find Leveque. Go upstairs to confront Leveque. When you get close a cultist attacks you. Kill him and then talk to Leveque.
  9. Objective: Confront Leveque. He tells you he was hired by Martine Lerineaux, who lives in the big house next to the inn. Go back to the fireplace and talk to Grenna again. She tells you to get into Lerineaux Manor and take anything you find to Aresin.
  10. Objective: Enter Lerineaux Manor. Go northeast from the inn to find the entrance to his manor. Enter the manor. There isn't much on the ground floor besides provisioning items and style materials. Head upstairs. At the end of the hall, kill the enemies. In the room at the end of the hall, on your right you'll find Martine. He's ready to fight. Defeat him and then grab the note on the table.
  11. Objective: Find Clues About the Plot. Bring the evidence to Captain Aresin to get your reward.

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