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A Mysterious Curio is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A Mysterious Curio Bestowal

I found a dusty old scroll beside an ancient Ayleid coffer in the vault beneath Dresan Keep.



  • Read the Scroll. Activate the scroll on the floor inside the first cell on the left of Dresan Keep.
  • Open the Ancient Coffer. Read the scroll then open the Ayleid Coffer right in front of it.
  • Talk to the Ayleid Ghost. You find out you can't understand it.
  • Look for a Way to Communicate. Go across the hall and open the reliquary then talk to the spirit again. He tells you his brothers bound him here and now you need to destroy the binding artifacts.
  • Destroy the Binding Artifacts. Leave the room and go east, go into both cells you pass and destroy their artifacts, defeat the Ancient Warriors that appear. Now go to the last cell and do the same thing.
  • Convince to Die or Convince to Explore. Go back and talk to the ghost. He asks you if he should move on to Aetherius or remain in Tamriel. After you pick he gives you your reward.

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