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Reclaiming the Elements is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Reclaiming the Elements Bestowal

Angof's Bloodthorn cultists threaten the Wyrd Tree. I should help the Beldama Wyrd save the tree.


Guardian's Gauntlets

114 Gold
(?) Gold
302 Gold

603 XP
(?) VP
9121 VP


  • Open the South Portal. Wyress Gwen tells you to reclaim the Wyress' portal stones from the Bloodthorn cultists. Follow the path to the north until you come to a gigantic tree. There are four houses around the tree: one to the south, one to the west, one to the north, and one to the east. Enter the cave beneath each one, defeat the cultists, and activate the portal stones within.
  • Open a Portal for Wyress Gwen. Go back to the Wyrd Tree and open a portal for Wyress Gwen and speak with her.
  • Talk to Wyress Gwen. Wyress Gwen tells you that you need to summon the guardians, but to do so you need to destroy the Corruption of Air, the Corruption of Earth, and the Corruption of Water.
  • Destroy Corruption of Air. Go east from the tree's entrance, turn south and destroy the vine with the skull on it. Talk to the Guardian of the Air; she tells you to destroy the Corruption of Air. Listen for her when she calls during this battle, then stand by her and she'll protect you, other then that just remember to block.
  • Destroy the Corruption of Water. Now go northwest and destroy the skull vine here, then talk to the Guardian of the Water. This battle is the same as the other one just block the projectiles and listen for her.
  • Destroy the Corruption of Earth. Now go southwest, when you reach the house turn south to find the final skull vine, destroy it and talk to the Guardian of the Earth. The battle is the same as the previous. When you defeat the Corruption of Earth, go and talk to Wyress Gwen at the entrance to the tree for a reward.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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