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Signals of Dominion is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Signals of Dominion Bestowal

Aldmeri Dominion forces have captured Farwatch Tower. They're using the tower to signal their fleet at sea.



  • Collect Dominion Messages. Talk to Sergeant Muzbar, he tells you that the Dominion are using the Farwatch Tower to signal their ships. When you agree to help, he tells you to bring any messages you find to Captain Gilame near the tower.
  • Talk to Captain Gilame. Go up the stairs to the north and head down the path to the camp. You'll have to deal with Dominion enemies on the way. At the camp, head to the very east tent. You'll have to fight Commander Amuur. Take the messages off his body and then head west across the wooden bridge. Speak with Gilame who is right next to the bridge.
  • Douse the Fires Atop the Tower. She asks you to douse the dominion fires at the top of the tower. Head south till you reach a broken wall. Turn west, go up the stairs until you come to the tower entrance. Defeat Elikar Lioderion and then enter the tower and climb to the top. When you reach the top, douse the fires and then go back downstairs. Go back down to the stairs to an area just southwest of the beach. Talk to Captain Gilame to complete the quest.

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