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Legacy of Baelborne Rock is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Legacy of Baelborne Rock Bestowal

Athel Baelborne just learned that he inherited an estate. Unfortunately, the estate appears to be haunted and is overrun by imps.


Baelborne Signet

132 Gold
(?) Gold
377 Gold

(?) XP
(?) VP
9121 VP


  • Search the Ruins. Talk to Athel Baelborne, who can be found south of the Vale of the Guardians. He tells you that the estate he inherited is haunted and he wants you to help him. Agree and go northwest into the ruins. Lots of Imps roam the ruins; deal with them as you go.
  • Investigate the Tower. Run up the stairs and turn north, behind the broken wall. Search the rubble to find a journal and then watch the scene. Turn west, climb the stairs, then go southwest. Search the rubble over here to find a necklace and then watch the next scene. Go around the wall to the north, then head west up the stairs, and search the rubble for a tunic; watch the last scene. Go up the tower. To the right of the pile of rubble, read the note on the floor.
  • Inform Athel of Your Findings. Go back to Athel. He tells you to reason with the spirit and then tells you to go to the Mages Guild in Daggerfall. Use the nearby wayshrine to travel back to Daggerfall and go to the Mages Guild.
  • Ask About Book. Inside, talk to Eilina and she tells you to check upstairs.
  • Find a Book About Spirit Summoning. Once upstairs the book is laying on a bench. Grab it. A cloaked man named Tsiniuc approaches. He'll ask you some questions. The first answer is Claudie, the second answer is necklace, and finally revenge. He then tells you to go to the gravesite by the Daggerfall cathedral. Leave the Guild and go to the graveyard near the Bank of Daggerfall.
  • Talk to Claudie Themond. Talk to the ghost of Claudie and she gives you some information. Now decide whether to break the curse for Athel or tell Athel to leave for Claudie.
  • Break the Curse
  • Talk to Athel Baelborne. If you decide to help Claudie, then go back to the ruins and talk to Athel, who is now up the first set of stairs and to the north.
  • Talk to the Cloaked Man
  • Tell Athel Baelborne to Leave. Tell him to leave. His guards will attack you. Defeat them.
  • Find Athel Baelborne. Go southeast around the ruined tower to find Athel dead at the bottom of a cliff. Talk to the ghost of Claudie for your reward.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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