Red Rook Resources is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Red Rook Resources Bestowal

  • This quest is obtained in Ilessan Tower. You must go down to the southern portion to read a document.

" A note in Ilessan Tower has informed me that the Red Rooks are amassing resouces for their allies. It also mentioned an attack on a manor north of Delyn's Mill.

I should inform the guards at the manor of the note I found at Ilessan Tower.

The Red Rooks attacked a caravan and escaped to a noble's house on the outskirts of Daggerfall, where they've taken hostages. Captain Farlivere of the Daggerfall Guard has ordered her soldiers to surround the estate. "




  • Talk to Captain Farlivere.
  • Find a Red Rook Keyring.
  • Collect Wolf's Woe.
  • Find the Hostages.


Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest


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