A Brush with Death is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A Brush with Death Bestowal

" I found a journal within the Mines of Khuras. It contained a message addressed to Odette Vinielle. "



  • Head over to Rythe Lythandas' house and talk to Tivela Lythandas to start the quest. It turns out that Rythe often locks himself up in his studio, but this time he hasn't been seen for several days. Deciding to further investigate, Tivela used the spare key she swore to use only in special emergencies to get inside the studio. Rythe Lythandas, she says, was nowhere to be found. She gives the Hero the spare key to unravel the mysterious disappearance of Rythe Lythandas.
  • Head into the studio using the door to the right when entering the house. Upon close inspection of the painting, the Hero will be whisked away to a strange forest that seems to be painted; all bright colors and broad brushstrokes. Rythe will be standing not far away.
  • Talk to him and upon investigation the Hero will find out that his paintbrush is magical, its hairs said to be from the head of Dibella, and he uses it to enter paintings and create them from the inside, directly from his imagination. This brush was given to Rythe by its first owner, his father. It was stolen by a Bosmer thief who disappeared into the painting and created some Painted Trolls to protect him. Instead, they killed him, and now lurk inside the painting.
  • The only way back to Tamriel is to retrieve the brush from the thief's body. If they choose to ask Rythe about the trolls, he will give them six bottles of turpentine, which inflict extra damage to painted trolls. There are six trolls in the forest.
  • The path to the thief's body is a linear one in a horseshoe shape; Most of the trolls can be avoided altogether by jumping over the rocks between Rythe and the thief's body.
  • Once the Brush of True Paint is retrieved, return to Rythe and he will paint a door back to Tamriel.
  • Once Rythe returns home, Rythe will go to his wife to let Tivela know he is safe. Rythe, finished speaking with his wife, will award the Hero the Apron of Adroitness, light armor leggings with a leveled Intelligence and Agility boost, as thanks for saving him.

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