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Champion of the Guardians is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Champion of the Guardians Bestowal

Angof Gravesinger has imprisoned the elemental guardians that the Beldama Wyrd rely on for protection and counsel. I agreed to help the Wyrd set the guardians free.


Guardian's Hammer

106 Gold
(?) Gold
302 Gold

(?) XP
(?) VP
9121 VP


  • Defend Wyress Madenn. Wyress Ileana gives you an amulet and tells you what to do. Go northwest until you come to Wyress Madenn. Defend her while she destroys the vines.
  • Defend Wyress Ofelia. Next go east and defend Wyress Ofelia while she destroys vines.
  • Defend Wyress Ashtah. Repeat with Wyress Ashtah directly to the east.
  • Defend Wyress Shaelle northwest of Ashtah.
  • Capture a Lurcher. Find a lurcher and start attacking it. When it gets to about 25% health, activate the amulet to control it and lead it to the ritual site southwest of the forest.
  • Take the Lurcher to the Ritual Site. Walk into the center of the ritual site and watch the scene.
  • Listen to the Spriggan Spirit
  • Talk to Wyress Ileana to begin the ritual, then talk to the Guardian of the Water to finish the quest.

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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