The Price of Longevity is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Price of Longevity Bestowal

" I found a strange sapling that spoke to me, confused about its own ability to think and feel. It has vague memories of walking and a nearby cave. I agreed to help the sapling get some answers. "



  • Search the Cave Near the Sapling
  • Talk to the Bound Tree Spirit
  • Go to the Mages Guild in Shornhelm
  • Search for Clues to Merethrin's Plans
  • Go to Merethrin's House
  • Collect the Elemental Dust
  • Return to Cave of Sorrows
  • Talk to the Tree Spirit
  • Destroy the Water Crystal
  • Destroy the Vitality Crystal
  • Destroy the Light Crystal
  • Return to the Sapling

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