Northpoint in Peril is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Northpoint in Peril Bestowal

" Lleraya Montclair and her forces have taken control of Northpoint. They've sealed the gates and locked out the legitimate city guards. But Baron Dorell has a plan to liberate Northpoint. It just requires a small group willing to infiltrate the city. "



  • Talk to Baron Dorell at Northpoint
  • Find Skordo in Northpoint
  • Search for Darien
  • A Command Post Overlooks the Eastern Shore
  • Darien was Seen Heading to the Officers' Quarters
  • Find Darien Gautier
  • Talk to Darien Gautier
  • Talk to Gwendis
  • Search Coast for Clues to the Smuggler Tunnels
  • Find the Sunken Ship
  • Search the Sunken Ship
  • Search Coast for Clues to the Smugglers' Tunnel
  • Talk to Captain Lagra
  • Go to the Cove

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