A Spy in Shornhelm




Ravenwatch Mask
Average Leveled Gold

A Spy in Shornhelm is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Adusa fears that Montclair agents still operate out of Shornhelm. She wants me to follow a courier in hopes the courier will lead me to the Montclair informer.



  • Adusa-daro



  • Find and speak to Adusa-daro near the fountain in front of Shornhelm Castle.
  • Track down the courier and follow him through the city.
  • Pick up the coin from fountain or wait for the informant to do it.
  • Find the informant's house and gather evidence.
  • Speak to the wife and make a decision.
  • Return to Adusa.




  • Next Quest:Assassin Hunter
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