Children of Yokuda




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Children of Yokuda is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

I met Nicolene in the Dead Wolf Inn in Shornhelm. She and Captain Kaleen are here looking for one of King Fahara'jad's former spies, Naruk. Naruk has turned against the Daggerfall Covenant and is now inciting war, but Kaleen is missing.



  • Nicolene inside the Dead Wolf Inn



  • Search for Captain Kaleen
  • Talk to "Sigil"
  • Talk to Gate Captain
  • Talk to Nirine Geric
  • Talk to Louise Pendlesmith
  • Ask About Kaleen in Shornhelm
  • Investigate the Abandoned House
  • Wait for Sigil
  • Follow Sigil
  • Search for Naruk
  • Talk to Captain Kaleen
  • Wait for Captain Kaleen
  • Rescue Captain Kaleen
  • Enter the Cistern
  • Lock East Cistern Gate
  • Lock West Cistern Gate
  • Destroy Poison Barrels
  • Kill Naruk
  • Foil the Poison Plot




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