Shornhelm Divided


Shornhelm, Fevered Mews


High King's Shield
Very High Leveled Gold

Shornhelm Divided is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Shornhelm, the largest city in Rivenspire, is a city divided. House Montclair has annexed part of the city. Darien Gautier/Mollier Guillon suggested I go to Shornhelm and help Countess Tamrith and Baron Dorell deal with the situation.



  • Darien Gautier at Oldgate or Shornhelm;
  • Mollier Guillon at Ravenwatch Castle



  • Talk to Countess Tamrith
  • Kill Orlozag gra-Yarzol
  • Find Evidence
  • Talk to Skordo
  • Free Skordo
  • Kill Juberic Gane
  • Weaken Montclair's Control
  • Report to Baron Dorell
  • Talk to Countess Eselde
  • Use the Cistern Passage to the Mews
  • Look for Key on Montclair Troops
  • Find Key to Unlock Nobles' Cells
  • Ally Found Key
  • Free Nilthin al-Bergama
  • Free Sir Estienn Guillon
  • Free Lady Aurine Tamrith
  • Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch
  • Confront Reezal-Jul
  • Stop Reinforcements
  • Close the Portal
  • Meet High King Emeric at Shornhelm Castle
  • Find Countess Tamrith in Shornhelm






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