A Dagger to the Heart


Ravenwatch Castle, Shornhelm


Adusa's Hunting Bow
Low Leveled Gold

A Dagger to the Heart is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Using the codebook I discovered, Adusa has determined that Montclair's nephew, Rohlbert, is behind the assassination plot. She believes that if we eliminate Rohlbert, we can end this part of the Montclair threat once and for all.



  • Adusa-daro



  • Speak to Adusa to learn abou the details of her plan.
  • Head to Shornhelm and find Montclair Manor.
  • Enter the manor and deal with Rohlbert Montclair.
  • Meet and talk to Adusa outside the manor.




  • Prerequisite Quest:Threat of Death
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