Crimes of the Past


Sanguine Barrows


Barrow Hammer of Necropotence
Average Leveled Gold

Crimes of the Past is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The Ring of Daggers has tracked down a war criminal named Gerard Althen, who once served as King Ranser's spymaster. He's hiding somewhere in Sanguine Barrows and I've agreed to find him and bring him out.



  • Marisette on Sanguine Barrows



  • Find a clue to the hiding place
  • Search the Central Crypt
  • Read the letter in Althen's Pack
  • Talk to Althen
  • Find House Dorell key
  • Find House Tamrith key
  • Activate south lever
  • Activate north lever
  • Enter the Sanguine Barrows Crypt
  • Talk to Althen
  • Help Althen escape or
  • Talk to Althen then take Althen to the Ring of Daggers (Optional)



  • Trivia, player notes,videos, fan art and such go here.



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