The Emerald Chalice is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Emerald Chalice Bestowal

" The Emerald Chalice Lady Clarisse Laurent is on the trail of the Emerald Chalice, a relic stolen from the Mages Guild by the exiled Nord mage, Malofar. She tracked him here to Breagha-Fin. Lady Laurent has asked me to enter in search of the stolen Mages Guild relic and the missing hirelings she sent in earlier to find it. "



  • Enter Breagha-Fin
  • Find the Missing Hirelings
  • Read the Hireling's Note
  • Collect the Eagle Runestone
  • Collect the Whale Runestone
  • Collect the Snake Runestone
  • Place the Whale Runestone
  • Place the Snake Runestone
  • Place the Eagle Runestone
  • Enter the Inner Sanctum
  • Kill Malofar
  • Take the Emerald Chalice
  • Exit the Inner Sanctum
  • Talk to the Strange Goblin
  • Follow the Strange Goblin
  • Leave Breagha-Fin
  • Tell Lady Laurent the whole story
  • Give Lady Clarisse Laurent the Chalice without any information

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

  • Prerequisite Quest:
  • Concurrent Quest:
  • Next Quest:

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