Frightened Folk is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Frightened Folk Bestowal

" Constable Agazu says the mayor of Fell's Run fired her for no reason and appointed a new constable. She says all the townspeople are acting strange as well, but no one's talking. She wants me to help find out what's going on. "



  • Talk to the Miller
  • Talk to the Mayor
  • Talk to the Jeweler
  • Talk to Gaspard
  • Find Gaillard
  • Talk to Townsfolk to Investigate
  • Bring the Note to Constable Agazu
  • Talk to Georgia Matine
  • Talk to Dran the Trickster
  • Summon a Banekin to Scare Sagabar
  • Distract Bailiff Sagabar
  • Pour the Sleeping Draught into Sagabar's Mug
  • Search Sagabar's Room
  • Talk to Constable Agazu
  • Kill the Guard
  • Rescue the Hostages

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